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5HP Baldor Spindle Motor with Encoder, Replaces All 5HP Motors

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Fadal 5HP  Spindle Motor with Encoder from ABB (Baldor) 

The 5HP Baldor Spindle Motor with Encoder (MTR-0287) is a super handy part designed to easily fit into all Fadal CNC machines with 5HP motors. This part works well in different CNC setups, making it a go-to choice for a lot of situations. It has a built-in encoder and a fan that helps it run smoothly in Wye/Delta mode, making sure it does its job right.


This spindle motor does a great job in Wye/Delta mode, making things run well and keeping everything precise for CNC work. The encoder inside helps control the spindle rotations just right, and the fan keeps things cool. This means the motor works well and lasts a long time, which is important for keeping everything running smoothly.

Usage of MTR-0287

The 5HP Baldor Spindle Motor with Encoder, Replaces All 5HP Motors is a vital component within Fadal CNC Machines, serving the fundamental role of driving and regulating spindle rotation. Its primary function is to replace existing 5HP motors, ensuring continued and reliable operation in various CNC configurations. 

The integrated encoder contributes to the precision of spindle movements, enhancing the overall accuracy of machining processes. Operating in Wye/Delta mode, it optimizes performance, while the included fan facilitates efficient cooling, extending the motor's operational life. 

In short, it plays a crucial role in the functional precision and longevity of Fadal CNC Machines.


The MTR-0287 fits in the place of any 5HP motor in Fadal CNC machines. It's designed to work with different CNC setups, so you don't have to worry about it not fitting. This makes it an easy and versatile choice when you need to replace a motor.

Warranty Information

When you get the Fadal 5HP Baldor Spindle Motor with Encoder  from us, it comes with a nice 1-Year Warranty. This warranty shows that we believe in the quality of our product and want to make sure you're covered. If anything goes wrong within the first year, we've got your back.

ITS Support Services

Picking ITSCNC means you get great support for the 5HP Baldor Spindle Motor with Encoder. Our team is ready to help with putting it in, figuring out any problems, or answering questions. We want to make sure your CNC machine keeps going strong.

Why Choose ITSCNC For Fadal Spindle Motors & Parts? 

ITSCNC is a solid choice for Fadal Spindle Motors & Parts. When you choose our platform for the 5HP Baldor Spindle Motor with Encoder, you're getting a quality product. Our website is easy to use, making it simple to find what you need. Plus, the one-year warranty shows we stand by our product and care about you being happy with your purchase. 



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Shipping Time4pm PST
Warranty1 Year Warranty
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Includes Encoder & Fan. Works in Wye/Delta mode.
1 Year Warranty
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