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Amplifiers, AC & DC
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About Fadal Amplifiers: 

Fadal Machine Amplifiers are electronic devices or circuits used to increase the magnitude of the signal applied to their input. The brand offers good quality amplifiers with easy fault detection features.

Things to know about Fadal Machine Amplifiers:

Fadal first designed their 8192 line count amplifier with the help of Glentek. Later they also partnered with Advanced Motion Control (AMC) to develop different types of Amplifiers. The brand is continually upgrading their amplifiers with the latest technologies.  

ITS offers both new and remanufactured Fadal Amplifiers. All of the amplifiers of this brand are featured with fault indicating LED lighting and users can easily interpret the LED indicators on the front of the amp with Fadal maintenance manual.

General Safeguards and Amplifier Adjustment: 

Each of the Fadal amplifier comes with an instruction manual containing the safety instructions to avoid any kind of malfunctioning or personal injuries. The first step of any Fadal parts installation is to cut off the electricity supply; one must disconnect all power supply to the machine before adding any component. It is always good to go for qualified service personnel for safe installation or servicing.

All brushless Fadal amplifiers need adjustment after installation for best performances. There are three pots that will need to be adjusted, such as Compensation Pot, Signal Gain Pot, and Balance Pot. The goal of this adjustment is to dynamically balance the amp with all the XYZ axes for proper functioning.

Feature and Benefits:

New Glentek AC brushless amplifiers for Fadal machines are featured with 5000  and 8192 Line Encoder. These are designed in a linear way and rotate in 10 amps continuous and 20 amps peak.  Fadal Machine Amplifiers are designed to drive a 6-pole motor with a 5000 line encoder.

New Fadal CNC Machine Amplifiers are designed to produce better current output conditions in three stages: continuous, peak, and fold back modes. Instead of just shutting down the amplifier after a 3-second peak current output, this new Fadal amplifier automatically folds back to continuous motor output. Like others, amplifiers of Fadal, not just lighting an LED to indicate a FAULT mode, but designed to provide better functionality to help with diagnostics:

  1. The FAULT LED lights up at the starting when the machine amplifier exceeds the continuous duty cycle to indicate starting as for the first 3 seconds it uses 200% PEAK current output. After 3 seconds, it folds back to the 100% continuous output rating.

The LED light goes OFF as the continuous rating of the amplifier and the 3 second Peak output capability is restored.

  1. The Fault signal goes LOW only when the amplifier is actually malfunctioning or the motor and/or wires are disconnected or shorted.

These new models of Fadal amplifier are covered with a protective layer to protect the Fadal parts from handling and also shield it from stray chips that can end up in the electrical cabinet.

We offer three types of Amplifiers for Fadal Machines:

  • New in 2014 Fadal Amplifiers By ITS
  • New & Remanufactured Glentek Amplifiers
  • Repair Service of Glentek Amplifiers

Total Engineering Support: With us you're not just getting a "Part In A Box!"Here's four key examples of the Total Support our customers receive:

Diagnoses: Direct help in determining if you really do need to replace the amplifier. When working with engineers that design the machine, we can help determine if there's other elements in the servo system that also need to be addressed before replacing an amplifier.

Documentation: We provide very simple and concise, step by step instructions on how to install and get your replacement amplifier in and running. With our documentation we also include Preventative Maintenance tips to help avoid future failures.

Warranty: We value our relationship with each and every customer. We are driven by fairness and committed to your satisfaction. Click on the About Us page to learn about what guides us today.

Support: With the combination of our engineering background and direct interaction with both Glentek and ITS engineers, you are getting the absolute best product support possible at installation and beyond.

Fadal's Axis Amplifiers are one of the most important aspects of the machine and the following methods were used by the Fadal Engineering Department to development

1: DC motor/amplifier design, evaluation, testing and production QC, continually evaluated many different DC Brush motors and amplifiers, from just about every manufacture in the industry.

2: AC motor/amplifier design, evaluation, testing and production transition, working directly with Glentek engineers to develop both the AC Brushless motors and amplifiers, then creating a second source solution with Baldor.

3: Glass Scales; integration with servo control of motors – Temperature controlled ballscrews – Developed and Perfected the Ballbar standard with Axis Software Development:

4: 1010 Axis Software – High Speed DNC - 1000 blocks per second – Programmable Servo Gains – Advanced Feed Forward – Manual Pulse Dry-Run – Volumetric Compensation (never released).