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About Fadal Ballscrew Retainer Nut

Take a look at our Fadal Ballscrew Retainer Nut collection online, where we have three essential products to offer:

  • JAM-NUT; BLS 15-4525 INCH/MM - BLS-0047

All these products are replacement fadal cnc parts for your Fadal CNC Machine. 

What Are These and Why You Need Them

The Retainer Nuts for Fadal CNC Machine are like helpers for your CNC machine. They hold the small balls and parts that help your machine move accurately. By doing this, they make sure your machine works well and doesn't break.


They might be ballscrew retainer nuts, but they do bring a lot to the table. Here are the benefits of using our replacement retainer nuts on your Fadal CNC Machines: 

Better Accuracy: These nuts make sure your machine moves exactly as needed, giving you the right results.

Less Wear: Fadal BallScrews help parts move smoothly, so they last longer and you don't need to change them often.

Stable: The nuts keep things steady, so your machine doesn't shake when it works.

Lasts Longer: By keeping things smooth, your machine can work for a longer time.

Works Faster: When everything is in the right place, your machine works faster and gets more done.

Saves Money: When your machine works well, you don't spend too much money fixing it.

Same Results: With these nuts, your machine always makes the same perfect cuts or shapes.

Warranty Information

To know exactly what the warranty covers for each of our Fadal Parts, visit the product's page and look at the warranty details there. We want you to feel sure about what you're getting. If you have questions, give us a call and ask our team, we are more than happy to help you!