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  1. Guide Y-Screw Cover 6030 Front


  2. Spiral Cover, 40/4020 INCH


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  3. Spiral Cover, 6030/8030


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  4. Spiral Cover, 2216-5020, MM


  5. Bellows Cover, Y-AXIS,6030/8030


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Protect Your Fadal CNC Machine's Vital Components

Our Spiral Cover and Bellows Cover are specialized accessories tailored for Fadal CNC Machines. These Fadal covers for Fadal machines are designed to shield crucial parts from dust, debris, and other potential contaminants. 

But what exactly are these covers, and how can they benefit your CNC machine?

Spiral Cover

Fadal Spiral Cover is a protective layer that wraps around the ball screw, guarding it against external elements. Its spiral design allows flexibility while ensuring comprehensive protection.

Bellows Cover

Fadal Bellows Cover acts like a flexible accordion, covering and safeguarding the ball screw. Our Fadal ballscrew covers can expand and contract, adapting to the movements of the machine while maintaining protection.

Benefits of Using Spiral and Bellows Covers

These covers guard your machines' special parts. But what are their benefits? Let’s find out: 

Precision Preservation: These covers keep harmful particles away from critical components, ensuring smooth and accurate movement in your CNC machine.

Enhanced Lifespan: By shielding the ballscrew from contaminants and other things, these covers contribute to extending the lifespan of your CNC machine's vital parts.

Reduced Maintenance: With less exposure to debris, your CNC machine requires less frequent cleaning and maintenance, leading to more productive work time.

Reliable Performance: Preventing disruptions caused by contamination, these covers ensure reliable and consistent operation of your CNC machine.

Cost-Effective Solution: Investing in Spiral and Bellows Covers can prevent costly repairs or replacements, saving you money in the long run.

Warranty Information

To learn about the warranty for four Fadal Ballscrew Covers please visit their warranty sections. These sections provide detailed information about what the warranty covers. Your satisfaction is important to us, so we recommend checking the warranty details for a clear understanding. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team.