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About Fadal 1030 Computer Interface

Your CNC machines work better when parts talk to each other. The 1030 Board makes this happen. If you’re looking to purchase Fadal CNC Circuit Boards, you’re at the right place. We offer replacement Fadal Circuit Boards with a warranty.

What Does The CNC 1030 Circuit Board Do? 

The main job of the 1030 board is to make the 1400 CPU board and the 1010 axis controller boards talk to each other. This board also handles the RS232 communication. Everything the CNC does is managed by the 1030 8-bit Bus Interface on the 1060 motherboard. To go faster, the 1730 Interface Board links the 1400, 1470, 1420, and the 1030, using a different 16-bit path.

Benefits Of The 1030 Board

Here's a simple breakdown of the benefits the 1030 Fadal CNC Board brings to your setup:

Better Teamwork: This board helps different parts of your CNC system work together nicely.

Smooth Talking: It ensures that the main parts, the 1400 CPU board and the 1010-axis controller boards, can talk without any hiccups.

Data Handler: It takes care of the data tasks, making sure everything gets through properly.

Controller: The board controls the main tasks through a special S-100 connection on the 1060 motherboard.

No Jams: Like a traffic controller, it keeps the computer and Axis Cards  on the 1060 motherboard running smoothly.

In simple words, this board helps your CNC stuff work together well, and it’s good at making sure everything runs without any issues.


Picking our boards is a good idea since we are the original Fadal vendor that tested and repaired all of them for the factory starting in 1992. . We make sure they are tested correctly  and won't cause problems. If you need help, our customer service is always there to answer questions. Our circuit board prices are fai and most importantly in stock . We have different types of boards to choose from. Check out our other Fadal Circuit Board Categories.


For details about the warranty coverage for our 1030 Fadal CNC boards, we invite you to explore the warranty section within our product information. This will provide you with a more comprehensive overview of the terms and conditions. New 1030-1C Circuit Boards have a one year warranty.