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About Fadal CNC Rotary Heads

ITSCNC proudly presents a comprehensive lineup of reliable Fadal CNC Rotary Heads designed to enhance your machining capabilities. Dive into our product range, explore warranty specifics on individual product pages, and find comfort in knowing our dedicated support team stands ready to assist you. Unleash the potential of rotary motion with Fadal CNC Rotary Heads from ITSCNC and redefine the possibilities in your machining ventures.

Discover Our Fadal CNC Rotary Heads

Here’s a list of our Fadal CNC Rotary Heads that you can purchase on our website: 

  • Tailstock, Fadal - VH65: A precision tailstock tailored for VH65 applications.
  • Tailstock, Fadal - VH5C: Tailor-made for VH5C machines, this tailstock ensures precision.
  • Tailstock for VH5C, VH7, 8, 9: A versatile tailstock compatible with VH5C, VH7, VH8, and VH9.
  • Fadal TR65 4th/5th Fadal Rotary Table: Experience high-performance with Fadal's 4th/5th rotary table.
  • ITS 8" Five Axis Rotary Head, with Motors & Cables: Elevate your capabilities with this five-axis rotary head.
  • ITS 15" Rotary Head, with Motor & Cable: Achieve precision with the 15" rotary head.
  • ITS 5" Rotary Head, with Motor, Cable & Manual Collet Closer: A versatile 5" rotary head with a manual collet closer.
  • ITS 5" Dual Rotary Head, with Motor & Cable: Expand your machining possibilities with this dual rotary head.
  • ITS 6" Rotary Head, with Motor & Cable: Experience precision and control with the 6" rotary head.
  • Fadal 4th Axis Rotary Table: Enhance your capabilities with Fadal's 4th axis rotary table.
  • 8" Rotary Head, with DC Motor & Cable: A powerful 8" rotary head featuring a DC motor for efficient operations.

If you have more questions about these tables, you can give us a call. We would be more than happy to help you out. 

Warranty Information

It is worth noting that the warranty coverage varies by product type. To get more information about detailed warranty information, please visit the respective product pages. We recommend checking each page for accurate warranty details that align with your specific Fadal CNC Rotary Head needs.


ITSCNC is not just your supplier for Fadal CNC Rotary Heads, we are your partners in achieving CNC machining excellence. Our dedicated support team specializes in Fadal CNC Rotary Heads and is readily available to assist you. Whether you have questions, need technical guidance, or require assistance in selecting the ideal rotary head, don't hesitate to reach out.