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Fadal Spindle Motor Filter Kit 

The Fadal Spindle Motor Filter Kit for the SPINDLE MOTOR, also known as MTR-0128, is a crucial component designed to optimize the performance and longevity of spindle motors in CNC machinery. This kit plays a key role in maintaining a clean and efficient working environment for the spindle motor.


The primary function of the FILTER KIT is to trap and remove contaminants from the air, preventing them from entering the spindle motor. This ensures a cleaner operating environment, reducing wear and tear on the motor components and enhancing overall efficiency.

Usage of Fadal Spindle Motor Filter Kit

Tailored specifically for spindle motors, the MTR-0128 FILTER KIT is an essential addition to your CNC machinery setup. Its design and specifications are optimized to seamlessly integrate with the spindle motor, providing reliable filtration for a range of machining applications.

Warranty Information

When purchased from our website, the FILTER KIT for the SPINDLE MOTOR (MTR-0128) comes with a new one year warranty. This warranty underscores our confidence in the quality and durability of the kit, offering assurance and support to users throughout its operational life.

ITS Support Services

Experience unparalleled support with ITSCNC for the FILTER KIT (MTR-0128). Our dedicated team is committed to assisting you with installation guidance, troubleshooting, and any inquiries. We prioritize your success and aim to empower you with the knowledge and assistance needed for optimal operation. 

Why Choose ITSCNC

Trust ITSCNC for comprehensive and reliable support throughout the lifecycle of your CNC machinery components such as Fadal Spindle Motors & Parts. ITSCNC stands as your preferred choice for CNC machinery components. When you choose us for the FILTER KIT; SPINDLE MOTOR (MTR-0128), you benefit from unmatched quality assurance, user-friendly navigation on our website, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our warranty offering reflects our confidence in the durability of our products. Experience seamless procurement, expert support, and top-notch quality with ITSCNC.

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New, One Year Warranty
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