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What Do Fadal 1090 Keyboard Interfaces Do?

The new Fadal 1090-6F Keyboard Interface takes the place of the old 1090-3  board. It is a newer style surface mount circuit board that can be used in all the Pendants including CNC 88, 88HS, and MP. The 32MP uses the 1090-5C

The Keyboard Computer Interface Board 1090’s job is to gather inputs from the Keyboard, Manual Pulse Generator (MPG), optional Remote MPG, optional stop, block skip, rapid travel, Resolution, axis selection, emergency stop, keylock, slide hold, and start switches codes. 

After getting information, It then sends this information to the Mill Interface (1040) board. Afterward, the 1400 CPU board processes this information.

The 1090 board reads the feed rate override Pot and sends it to the Clock board. Additionally, the 1090 reads the spindle override Pot and sends it to the Spindle Controller board.

Note: This board isn't used for the 32MP control device.

Our Products

Here’s a list of our Fadal 1090 Keyboard Interface products: 

  • Keyboard Interface, 1090-3B (USE PCB-0343)
  • Keyboard Interface, 32MP Pendant, 1090-4B, Order PCB-0342
  • Keyboard Interface 32MP Only,1090-5C NEW
  • Keyboard Interface 32MP Only, 1090-5 Reman
  • Keyboard Interface CNC88/MP, 1090-6F
  • Keyboard Interface CNC88/MP, 1090-6 Reman
  • Keyboard Interface, Old Version

Benefits Of The 1090 Keyboard

Here are the good things about using this board:

Works With Different Devices

The new 1090 board can replace the old one in devices like CNC 88, 88HS, and MP controls, making things fit together well.

Helps Control Better

This board can take signals from different places like the Keyboard, Manual Pulse Generator (MPG), and even an optional Remote MPG. This helps control things smoothly.

You Can Choose

You can use extra buttons like stop, skip, and others if you want. This means you can make things work the way you want them to.

Sends Info Easily

The Keyboard Computer Interface Board 1090 can take the signals and send them to the Mill Interface (1040) board. This makes sure that the information goes where it needs to.

One Place For Processing

The 1400 CPU board helps process the info from the Mill Interface board. This means all the important work happens in one place.

Changes As Needed

The 1090 board can understand if you want the machine to work faster or slower. It also shows how much power the spinning part should have.

Easy Buttons

The board has buttons and switches that are easy to use. This helps people who work with the machine.

Stop When You Need

If something goes wrong, the board can stop everything really quickly. It also has a special lock for safety.

Works Smarter

The board knows how tiny or big steps should be and which direction things move. This helps everything work better and saves time.

Fits Well Together

The Fadal Keyboard Interface can talk to the Clock and Spindle Controller boards. This helps everything coordinate and work smoothly.

Putting in the new 1090 board can make your CNC machine work better in these simple and good ways.

Customer Support

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