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High-Quality Fadal CNC Machine Spindle Pulleys

In this category page, we will be presenting our selection of precision replacement Pulleys for Fadal CNC Machines, which are crafted to optimize the performance of your machinery. These pulleys are vital components for power transmission and speed control, ensuring efficient and precise machining. Explore our featured spindle pulley products below:


Here’s a list of Fadal CNC Machine Spindle Pulleys that we have in our inventory at the moment: 

Spindle Pulley, 6 Belt, Non Coolant Thru: Designed for efficient power transmission without coolant passage.

Spindle Motor Pulley, 6 Belt, Non Coolant Thru: Synchronized operation with the spindle pulley, no coolant flow.

Spindle Pulley, 6 Belt, Coolant Thru: Includes coolant passage for effective cooling during operations.

PULLEY; SPINDLE 15K BELT; 3:1: High-performance spindle pulley with a 3:1 belt ratio for specific machining requirements.

Spindle Motor Pulley 2 Belt, Pozi Drive: Precise power transmission with a 2-belt motor pulley and Pozi Drive mechanism.

Spindle Pulley, 2 Belt, Pozi Drive: Accurate speed control with the corresponding 2-belt spindle pulley.

Spindle Motor Pulley, Polychain 1:1: Reliable power transmission with a 1:1 Polychain motor pulley.

Spindle Motor Pulley, Polychain, 2:1: Customized speed adjustments with a 2:1 Polychain motor pulley.

Spindle Pulley, 7.5K Polychain: Optimized for 7.5K spindle performance, featuring Polychain technology.

PULLEY; SPINDLE 15K BELT; 3:1: Versatile spindle pulley with a 3:1 belt ratio, suitable for various machining tasks.

Spindle Pulley, 15K Polychain: Robust Polychain spindle pulley engineered for 15K spindle applications.

SPACER KIT; SPINDLE & MOTOR PULLEY, SET OF 2: Facilitates proper installation and alignment of spindle and motor pulleys, ensuring peak performance.

If you cannot find specific Fadal Spindle Pulley Parts you can give us a call. We might have it in your inventory but not on our website.

Warranty Information

For detailed warranty information on each Fadal parts, please visit the individual product pages. We provide comprehensive warranty. All pulleys have a 90 day warranty.

Customer Support

We are at your service anytime when it comes to Fadal Spindle Pulleys. At ITSCNC our dedicated support team is here to address any questions or queries you may have. Feel free to call us for expert assistance and guidance. Your satisfaction is our priority.