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AC Brushless Amplifier Power Supply

Part number: AMP-0060-ITS
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Fadal AC Brushless Amplifier Power Supply 

 ITS's, Fadal AC Brushless Amplifier Power Supply is a XYZAB amplifier chassis power supply suitable to use with amplifiers of ITS, Glentek, or AMC brands. This chassis contains circuitry to convert the AC voltage and then supplies power to the AC axis amplifiers. This is the latest design AC Brushless Amplifier power supply for any FADAL Brushless Amplifier 

This is the latest model of the power supply unit. It does not contain the SSR like earlier AC Brushless AMP Power Supply models. It needs a SSR upgrade kit (Fadal ELE – 1633) for the power input terminal located at the bottom of the amplifier chassis. 

Note: Please contact us before purchasing an ITS AC Brushless AMP Power Supply to verify the power supply failure is correctly diagnosed in order to avoid damage to the new power supply or to determine if the power supply is the actual problem.

Product Description for Fadal Amp Chassis Power Supply

  • ITS Part Number AMP-0060-ITS
  • Used on Amplifier Chassis ITS Part Number AMP-0037-ITS
  • AC Brushless Chassis Power Supply (3PH) will Power 5 Amplifiers (XYZAB)

ITS Customer Support 

When you buy a Fadal part from us, you will get not just a "Part in a Box!" but a complete support service for hassle free installation and keep your machine run smoothly and long. Here are the four key services that our customers receive on every purchase:

  1. Diagnose – Our experts are always ready to help you determine whether you truly need to replace the machine part. Our experts have the experience to work as a part of the engineering team that initially designed the Fadal amplifiers. Based on that experience and knowledge, we can help you to be sure if your machine part is truly faulty or there are other elements in the system that need to be addressed before replacing the part.

  2. Documentation – Our tech manual comprises four sections including maintenance manual, parts manual, user manual, and operations manual. The manual is furnished with simple and comprehensive step by step information on installation of  FADAL parts. The document also contains valuable tips on Preventative Maintenance to keep your machine upandrunning.

  3. Warranty – We always value our relationship with every customer. We are committed to serve you the best for your ultimate satisfaction. All of our Fadal Parts come with a guaranteed repair or replacement service within a specified period of time.

  4. Support Service – We are committed to providing the best support service during and after the installation of the ITS AC Brushless AMP Power Supply. The experts with a combination of FADAL Engineering background and direct interaction with suppliers’ engineers can provide you with the optimum product support during installation and beyond.

When replacement is mandatory, it’s better to go with parts that come from Our engineering experience and manufacturer’s direct support means you'll get the best product possible.

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One Year Warranty
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