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About Fadal New/Reman Spindles

At ITSCNC, we're dedicated to enhancing your CNC machine's spindle performance, and our New/Remanufactured Air/Oil and Grease Pack Spindles are tailored to achieve precisely that. Explore our range of high-quality products designed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your Fadal Machine with an ITS Spindle.

New/Reman Spindles and Related Parts

Here’s a list of all the new and re-man grease packs that we have on our website: 

Spindle O-Ring Seal Kit with Hose: This kit provides a secure seal, preventing grease leakage and safeguarding your spindle.

Spindle, 15K Grease Pack, Locking or NLD, Reman: Remanufactured spindle designed for 15,000 RPM, with the option of a locking or non-locking drawbar.

Spindle, 7.5K, Grease Pack, Non-Locking Drawbar, New: For those in need of a new spindle delivering 7,500 RPM performance with a non-locking drawbar.

Spindle, 7.5K/10K Grease Pack, Non-Locking Drawbar, Reman: Our remanufactured spindle options offer both 7,500 RPM and 10,000 RPM capabilities, complete with a non-locking drawbar.

Spindle, 10K Air/Oil, Locking Drawbar Installed, Reman: Achieve peak performance with a remanufactured spindle offering 10,000 RPM and a locking drawbar.

Spindle, 15K Air/Oil, Locking Drawbar, Reman: Elevate your machining capabilities with a remanufactured spindle designed for 15,000 RPM and a locking drawbar.

Spindle, 15K Air/Oil, Non-Locking Drawbar, Reman: Experience precision with a remanufactured spindle optimized for 15,000 RPM with a non-locking drawbar.

Spindle, 10K Grease Pack, Locking Drawbar, New: A new spindle providing reliable 10,000 RPM performance, complete with a locking drawbar.

Spindle, Grease Pack, 10K, Locking Drawbar Installed: Trust in a spindle delivering 10,000 RPM performance and equipped with a locking drawbar, ready to enhance your machining efficiency.

Spindle, 10K Air Mist, Locking Drawbar, REMAN: Our remanufactured spindle optimized for 10,000 RPM with an air mist system and locking drawbar.

SPACER KIT; SPINDLE & MOTOR PULLEY, SET OF 2: Ensure the proper alignment of your spindle and motor pulleys with this comprehensive kit.

If you can’t find new or re-manufactured grease packs for your Fadal machines, you can give us a call. We would love to find the right ones for you! 

Why Choose ITSCNC

ITSCNC stands as your dedicated partner in achieving peak CNC machine performance. Our New/Re-Manufactured Grease Packs offer precision, reliability, and efficiency to keep your Fadal spindle operating at its best.

Warranty On Our New/Reman Spindles

We offer transparent warranty coverage on Fadal Machine Spindles for your peace of mind, and our seasoned team is always ready to provide expert support, guaranteeing the long-lasting performance and productivity of your CNC machine. We offer a one year limited warranty on all of our Fadal Spindles.