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  1. Testing Tool Armor MARTON0Z5

    Testing Tool Armor MARTON0Z5

  2. USB Stick, 32GB.


  3. Power Adaptor, 5VDC


  4. USB Receptacle & Cover


  5. USB TO RS232 Adaptor


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USB Mass Storage Device & Related Parts  For Fadal CNC's

Explore our Fadal CNC USB Mass Storage Kit designed to optimize your CNC machines. This high-quality product ensures smooth operation, seamless data management, and reliable connectivity:

USB Mass Storage Controller, 32GB Memory, Dual Switching Serial Ports:

Enjoy efficient data storage and versatile connectivity with this high-capacity mass storage controller.

Our Fadal USB Mass Storage Bridge is a Computer Host that interfaces a standard USB Stick (up to 2tb) through the RS232 port to your Fadal Leagcy Control.

The user can load their CNC Programs into the control memory from the USB Stick using the standard TA Command or drip feed the program to the control using the Fadal DNC or DNCX Commands.

The Mass Storage Bridge uses the latest CPU design and supports many advanced functions including multiple directory commands, advanced help menu, time and date stamp, mid tape start and much more.

Each kit includes everything you need to install it in your Fadal including a water proof panel mount USB connector with cover, 15 ft. USB cable and 16gb. USB Stick. It also includes two RJ45 Cables and Connectors to interface to the VMC Control through your 1030 card in slot 8 and also to your existing Computer's RS232 port.

The unit is powered by 5v DC and is over voltage protected in the event the unit is plugged in backwards or there is a power problem in the control.

Since we came out with the first version we have added many features, fixed bugs and improved error reporting. Soon we will release a Universal Version for other Machine Manufacturers.

USB Stick, 32GB: Store and transfer data effortlessly with this 32GB Fadal USB Mass Storage stick.

Power Adaptor, 5VDC: Provide the necessary power for your machine's accessories.

USB Receptacle & Cover: Ensure reliable and protected USB connections with this receptacle and cover.

USB TO RS232 Adaptor: Seamlessly connect USB devices to your RS232 interface for data transmission.

Gender Changer, 25 Pin Female to 9 Pin Female: Adapt to different port configurations with this gender changer.

ITS Support Services

Our dedicated team at ITSCNC is always ready to provide expert support, ensuring you select the right accessories to meet your CNC machine's specific needs.

Warranty Information

For comprehensive details about the warranty coverage for our Replacement USB Mass Storage For Fadal Devices, visit the individual product pages on our website. Our aim is to provide clear and precise warranty information for your peace of mind.

Why Choose ITSCNC

Select ITSCNC because we offer a comprehensive range of precision accessories, supported by expert assistance and transparent warranty coverage. Rely on us to keep your Fadal CNC machines running at peak efficiency and precision.

Our USB Storage Kit comes with a full 2 year warranty.