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About Fadal CNC 1900 Pendant Interface Circuit Board

A pendant interface in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines is a specialized handheld device designed to simplify the operation and programming of these precision machines. You can think of it as a remote control for CNC machines.

The pendant typically features a set of buttons, sometimes a display screen, a joystick, or a rotary encoder. These components allow the operator to input specific commands, parameters, and instructions into the CNC machine's computer system.

Operators can use the Fadal CNC 1900 Pendant Interface Circuit Board to do several tasks:

Manual Control

The buttons and jhandwheel on the pendant enable manual control of the CNC machine's movement. This can be essential for tasks like setting the machine's starting position or fine-tuning its position during operation.


The interface provides a convenient way to input the CNC program, which contains a series of instructions that dictate the machine's actions. This can involve specifying tool paths, cutting speeds, and tool changes, all done through the pendant.


The display screen on the pendant offers real-time feedback on the machine's status. Operators can check information such as tool position, current tool, spindle speed, and any error messages that may occur during operation.

Emergency Stop

In case of an emergency or a situation requiring an immediate halt to the machine's operation, the pendant often includes an emergency stop button for quick action.

Using the pendant interface allows the operators to interact with the CNC machine in a straightforward and efficient manner, enhancing precision and control over the machining process. It simplifies the process of setting up the machine and ensures that it operates according to the desired parameters, ultimately improving productivity and accuracy in CNC machining.


We are currently offering a single year of warranty on new Fadal 1900 Pendant Interface and 6 months warranty on reman cards. For more information about our warranty and their terms or conditions, please give us a call.