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  1. Liquid Ambient Temp Sensor




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  3. Start Switch, Green


  4. Slide Hold Switch, Red


  5. Emergency Stop Switch




  7. Roller Switch, Proximity ATC


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About Fadal Machine Sensors and Switches

In our collection of Fadal Sensors and Switches, you'll find essential components that play a crucial role in the operation and safety of your CNC machine. 

Our Products

Here are the products we offer:

Liquid Ambient Temp Sensor: Monitors the temperature to ensure your machine operates optimally.

SWITCH, ROTARY 3-POSITION: Allows you to choose from three different settings for precise control.

SWITCH, ROTARY 7-POSITION: Provides seven selectable options to tailor your machine's functions.

Start Switch: Initiates your CNC machine's operation with a simple push

Slide Hold Switch: Enables you to pause and resume your machine's operations conveniently.

Emergency Stop Switch: Ensures immediate shutdown in case of an emergency.

Rotary Switch: Facilitates easy switching between various functions.

Rotary Switch, 3 Position: A switch that can be turned to three different positions.

WYE/Delta, Contactor: An electrical device used to control the switching between WYE and Delta motor connections.

WYE/Delta, Contactor with Switch: Similar to the WYE/Delta contactor, but includes a switch for manual control.

SWITCH;LEVER [PCB]MOUNTS ON PCB-0200: A lever-type switch designed to be mounted on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with the code PCB-0200.

SENSOR;12MM DATC24/32/62 CAMS/TRRT/INDEX: A 12mm sensor designed for use with DATC24/32/62 cams, TRRT, and index applications.

SWITCH REED, DATC AIR CYLINDER, UP/DOWN: A reed switch specifically for DATC air cylinders, used to detect up and down movements.

Reed Switch, 2 Wire: A two-wire reed switch, a type of magnetic switch commonly used in various applications.

Rotary Switch, 7 Position, MP Pendant: A seven-position rotary switch designed for use in MP pendants.

Rotary Switch, 7 Position, 32MP Pendant: Similar to the above, but designed for 32MP pendants.

SWITCH;PROXIMITY: A proximity switch, a type of sensor that detects nearby objects without physical contact.

Snubber, Hall Effect Switch: A snubber device used with Hall effect switches to reduce electrical noise and interference.

Switch, Hall Effect, High Grade, Honeywell: A high-quality Hall effect switch manufactured by Honeywell, used for various sensing applications.

Door Interlock Switch Assembly, Standard: An assembly containing a standard door interlock switch, commonly used for safety purposes in machinery with doors or covers.

Note: Please keep in mind that these are just some of the products that we offer in our machine sensors and switches category. For a more detailed overview on what we have, please browse through all the three pages that we have. 

Why Choose ITSCNC

At ITSCNC, we take pride in offering reliable components for your CNC machine. Here's why you should consider us:

Our sensors and switches meet industry standards for reliable performance. And when it comes to Technical Support, Our team is available to assist with your questions and concerns. Finally, we provide a range of sensors and switches to suit your specific needs.

Our Support

If you need guidance in choosing the right sensor or switch, or if you have questions about the installation of the Fadal Parts that we offer, you can give us a call. Our team is ready to help you out in almost every single replacement process! 

Warranty Information

For warranty details on each product that’s present in our Fadal Machine Sensors and Switches category page, please check the individual product pages for accurate information.