Service Provider Map

Service Technicians You Can Count On
All of the companies listed on our map are experienced, honest and reasonably priced.
You can buy the part from us and then have them install it or they can purchase the part for you using their reseller account.
Sometimes it is best for the Service Technician to buy the part that way they cover the warranty.

I.T.S. Doesn't Service FADAL Machines Directly.
We don't service machines directly. That's a 'Conflict of Interest' with our Service Providers.
If you are a service company why would you want to buy parts from a company that competes for your service customers?
If you are an enduser why would you want to hire an out of state company to service your machines rather than your local service company?

We do have an in-house "Repair Depot" for AMPS, CNC Boards, Rotaries and Spindles.

Do You Want To Be Listed Here?
If you Sell and or Repair FADAL CNC Machines then Contact Us and we will add you to our map.
We don't require you to make volume yearly purchases to be on our map. You just have to be good and honest.