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About Fadal Ballscrews Bearing Mounts

Bearing Mounts are crucial in ensuring the stability and proper functioning of ball screws. These mounts securely hold the bearings that allow the smooth movement of the steel balls. With accurate placement and secure attachment, these mounts contribute to the precision and reliability of motion control systems, enhancing the overall performance of machines like Fadal CNC Machines.

Our Replacement Bearing Mounts

Fadal Bearing Mounts from ITSCNC are made using the highest quality parts including NSK Bearings and SKF Seals. These mounts are manufactured in Chatsworth, California, USA. At ITSCNC, a strong emphasis is placed on employing sturdy materials to guarantee long-lasting, high-quality products.

Here’s a list of our replacement bearing mounts:

  • Bearing Mount, X Axis; VMC15-3016L, Inch - BLS-0005
  • Bearing Mount, Y Axis; VMC15-3016L, Inch - BLS-0007
  • Bearing Mount, Z Axis; 20" & 28", VMC15-4020, Inch - BLS-0009
  • Bearing Mount, X Axis, 4020 Inch - BLS-0011
  • Bearing Mount, Z Axis, 6030 - BLS-0022
  • Bearing Mount, X Axis; 2216-5020A, Metric, Reman -BLS-0027
  • Bearing Mount, Y Axis; 2216-5020A, X Axis 4020, Metric - BLS-0525
  • Bearing Mount, X Axis; 6030/8030 - BLS-0526

For more information, please give us a call or reach out to us via email. We’d love to answer your questions and queries. 

What Do Bearing Mounts Do? 

Fadal BallScrews Bearing Mounts are essential parts in Fadal CNC Machines. They hold the bearings that allow smooth movement of steel balls in the ball screws. This smooth movement changes rotational motion into accurate linear movement, making the machine work precisely. These mounts provide stability, preventing wobbling or shaking during operation. Securely supporting the ball screws, they ensure the machine moves reliably, enhancing the overall performance. Also, Fadal Bearing Mount contributes to the machine's precision and helps produce accurate and quality results in various tasks, from cutting materials to shaping parts.

Benefits Of Bearing Mounts

Bearing Mounts offer crucial advantages for Fadal CNC Machines:

Enhanced Precision: Securely hold bearings, ensuring accurate movement of steel balls.

  • Prevents wobbling during operation, maintaining steady performance.
  • Support ball screws, ensuring consistent and dependable machine motion.
  • Minimize shaking, contributing to smoother operation.
  • Our replacement for Fadal Parts are made of robust materials, increasing the lifespan of other components.
  • Fadal Ballscrew aids in producing accurate and refined results in various tasks.
  • Enhance the overall efficiency and functionality of the machine.

Choose bearing mounts for reliable, precise, and enduring CNC machine operations.

Warranty -  Bearing Mounts

For detailed information about the warranty coverage for our Bearing Mounts, kindly refer to the warranty section provided with our products. This will provide you with a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the warranty terms associated with our Bearing Mounts. Usually there is a 90 Day Warranty on mechanical parts.