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Fadal’s 1060 Motherboard

The 1060 board, also known as a Motherboard or Backplane, plays a crucial role in connecting and powering components, while the 1400 board serves as the processing unit.
Fadal’s original control was designed  using an Altair S100 Computer which is why all of the Fadal Legacy Control boards are S100.

Let’s know more about this board:

More About the Fadal 1060 Motherboard

The 1060 series Mother Boards are sometimes called a Motherboard or Backplane. A Backplane is like a computer's motherboard, but people sometimes mistakenly call the computer's motherboard a Backplane. The backplane is a circuit board with slots for adding extra parts, letting them communicate. The 1060 board is more than a backplane because of its INPUT and OUTPUT connectors. It's actually a Motherboard. The motherboard gives power and connections between the PCBA’s. 

Note: The original 1060-0 had 17 slots for PCBA’s, and the newer Fadal MotherBoards (1060-1A) have 14 slots. The newer motherboard doesn't have TB1 and TB2, so if you use M Functions, you need a 1340-0 M-Function Interface board and a WIR-679 cable.

Benefits Of This Board

This Fadal 1060 Motherboard offers valuable benefits for Fadal Legacy Control:

  • Connects parts like a computer's main hub
  • Links expansion boards through slots
  • Supports communication between connected parts
  • Manages power distribution

These combined advantages contribute to the board's significance in system functionality.

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