Circuit Board Repair

Fadal CNC Board Repair by ITS

Independent Technology Service Inc. is the original PCB board test and repair facility for Fadal Engineering. We provided testing and repairs for all production boards starting in 1991. Look on your board and chances are you'll see the ITS stamp already on it!

Knowledge & Experience - Always Your Best Choice:

Having been involved in the original design and production of the CNC88 hardware and software, we truly understand these boards, down to the component level and the requirements for properly repairing and testing of all the boards we offer. With over 18 years of production testing and repairing the CNC boards, there is none better experienced or equipped!

Test Equipment That Is Unsurpassed Brings Trust:

We are the only company who can properly test and repair Fadal CNC88 boards! It requires component level testing to verify that each and every component is performing to original specifications.

Circuit Board Repair

The Best And Only Way Is Both In-Circuit Testing

We test the electronic circuits to determine and locate any of the following fault conditions:

  • 1. An open circuit.
  • 2. A short circuit.
  • 3. Missing Component.
  • 4. Component in backwards
  • 5. Failed Component

fadal circuit board repair   CNC circuit board repair

And Functional Testing

Then we test the circuit board using Functional Testers.

  • 1. Adjust the Pots to Specification.
  • 2. Check the input and output signals.
  • 3. Check speed and performance
  • 4. Check the board in a live control
  • 5. Update to latest Revision

testing and repairs fadal circuit board     ITSCNC circuit board repair

Proper Circuit Testing Is Essential

The simple fact is that proper circuit testing for complex systems requires extensive automatic test equipment to determine the exact failure. Many times the boards sent to us are No Problem Found. Thats why we dont charge you for repair until after we have performed the correct tests. When it is bad we can repair and upgrade it for less than half the cost of a new one.

Before You Buy A CNC Board - Asking two simple questions can save you a lot of trouble.

How the board is tested for quality assurance?

One simple question can save you a lot of frustration, wasted time and money when servicing a problematic machine. The common repair method today for others selling boards is to put a board in a machine and see if it fails. It can't be considered a "good board" just because the control doesn't fault.

Does it have the latest revisions?

Beware of old, used boards being simply pulled from a used machine and sold on-line. There are issues of compatibility many don't realize. Over time there have been both software and hardware modifications to the boards. We are the only company that can ship boards with the latest revisions. Does it matter? Absolutely, why pay the same money and get less! The fact is without the latest revisions and adequate testing, you might get some other unknown problems after installing an unknown, inferior board; wasting more of your time and money!