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Fadal AC & DC Amplifiers

ITS Amplifiers for CNC motors play a vital role in enhancing motor performance. They magnify electrical signals, making CNC motors function better. AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) are the two main types of electrical power. AC alternates direction periodically, suitable for long-distance power distribution. DC flows in a constant direction, often used for precise applications. Amplifiers help convert and control these currents to suit CNC motors' needs, ensuring accurate and efficient movement in machining processes.

Our Products

Here is a list of our products: 

  • ITS - DC Brush Amplifier, Short Protected, VMC15, VH65, TR65
  • ITS - DC Brush, Short Protected, XYZAB Axis Amplifier
  • AC AMP Chassis, Power Supply. & 3 ITS AMP-0040's.
  • AC AMP Chassis, Power Supply. & 3 ITS AMP-0039's.
  • ITS Brushless AC Amplifier, 5000 Line, Short Protected
  • ITS Brushless AC Amplifier, 8192 Line, Short Protected

Benefits Of AC & DC Amplifiers

AC Amplifiers: Improve CNC Performance - AC amplifiers make motors work better for tough jobs. They give smooth control, making accurate cuts easy.

DC Amplifiers: Make Things Precise - DC amplifiers give steady power for delicate work. They help machines move just right, reducing mistakes. Good for tasks needing careful movements and steady results.

Both amplifiers make CNC machines better, reliable, and good at different jobs.


Our expertise empowers CNC owners to make informed choices. We analyze your requirements like ITS Amplifiers - Amplifiers, AC and DC, and guide you through selecting the ideal products, ensuring precision and compatibility. Trust us to steer you towards the right investments for your CNC needs.

Warranty Information

Enjoy peace of mind with our new 12-month warranty. We deeply value our customer connections, rooted in fairness and dedicated to ensuring your contentment. Your satisfaction drives us forward.