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Where Is The Fadal Mill Card Located? 

Fadal 1040 Mill Interface Circuit Board is located in Slot 17 of the 1060 Motherboard.

What Does The 1040 Mill Interface Circuit Board Do? 

This board helps the control unit talk to switches, sensors, and the keyboard. It follows commands from the CPU and makes the relays work for the tasks it's told to do. It also gets info from the sensors, switches, and keyboard and sends it to the CPU through the Computer Interface Board.

Our Products

Here is a list of the CNC 1040 Mill Interface Circuit Boards that we have at the moment: 

  • Mill Interface, 1040-2A
  • Mill Interface, 1040-1

Compatibility Of The Fadal 1040 Mill Circuit Boards

Regarding compatibility, all versions of the 1040 board can work with every type of the 1400 CPU board (from 1400-1 to 1400-5). However, the 1400-2 board was made specifically for the Fadal Pallet Changer.

Benefits Of The Mill Card

Let's explore the advantages offered by our Fadal CNC Circuit Boards:

Communication Facilitation: The 1040 board helps different parts of the system, like relays, switches, sensors, and the keyboard, talk to each other. This ensures smooth communication between these components.

Task Execution: It takes instructions from the main computer (CPU) and makes sure the relays do what they're supposed to do. This ensures tasks are carried out as commanded.

Input Handling: The board gathers information from sensors, switches, and the keyboard. This means it can understand what's happening in the environment and what the user wants to do.

Data Relay: It passes on the information it collects to the CPU using another board called the Computer Interface Board. This allows the CPU to know what's going on and make decisions accordingly.

Compatibility: The 1040 board can work with various versions of CPU boards (1400-1 to 1400-5), making it versatile and adaptable to different setups.

Specialisation: The 1400-2 version of the board is designed especially for the Fadal Pallet Changer, showing that it can be customised for specific tasks and needs.

The 1040 board makes sure everything in the system communicates well, follows instructions, and shares important information with the main computer. It's flexible, works with different CPU boards, and even has a version for a specific task.


For precise warranty information, please refer to each individual product page. All new circuit boards carry a one year warranty.