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About Fadal Legacy Control Upgrade Kits

Fadal Control Upgrade Kit in CNC machines are older control systems or components that were used in the past to operate and control the machine's movements and functions. These kits may include hardware, software, and other electronic components that were once considered the best tech at the time they were manufactured but have since become outdated due to advances in technology.

It’s worth noting that Legacy Control Upgrade Kits are no longer in mass production, and their maintenance and support may be limited. But here at ITSCNC, we have them all. Our legacy control kits include the following: 

CPU (Central Processing Unit): The CPU is the brain of the control kit, responsible for processing instructions and coordinating the machine's operations.

Memory: Memory modules store program data and control algorithms, allowing the CNC machine to execute tasks efficiently.

Communication Board: This board enables communication between different parts of the CNC system and external devices.

Software: The software in the legacy control kit contains the control algorithms and instructions for operating the CNC machine.

Jumper Board: Jumper boards are used to configure and connect various components within the control system.

Quantity (Qty) 5 - Axis X, Y, Z , A, B: These components control the movement of the CNC machine along the X, Y, Z, A and B axis, allowing for precise positioning and machining.

Spindle Controller: The spindle controller regulates the rotation speed and direction of the machine's cutting tool or spindle.

Keyboard Interface: This interface provides a means for inputting commands and data into the CNC control system.

Mill Card: The mill card is a specialized component that assists in controlling milling operations, such as cutting and shaping materials.

Video Card: The video card may be used for displaying information and monitoring the CNC machine's status on a screen.

Internal Harness: An internal harness is a wiring system that connects various components within the control kit, ensuring they work together seamlessly.

These components collectively make up the legacy control kit of a CNC machine, and their functionality is essential for the machine's operation. 

A List Of Our Legacy Upgrade Kits

Here is a list of the Fadal Legacy Control Upgrade Kits that we currently have in stock: 

  • Fadal Control, Upgrade Kit, 1400-4
  • Fadal Control, Upgrade Kit, 1400-4, w/Axis & 384k Memory
  • Legacy Control, Upgrade Kit,1400-4 to 1400-5C
  • Legacy, Upgrade Kit,1400-2 to 1400-5C, DC Machine
  • Legacy, Upgrade Kit, 1400-2 to 1400-5C, DC Machine w/ 1060-1B
  • Legacy Control, Downgrade Kit From Super CPU to 1400-5C System
  • VH65 4th Axis Upgrade Kit, Fadal AC Machine
  • TR65, 4th/5th Axis DC Upgrade Kit for AC or DC Machine
  • VH65 4th Axis Upgrade Kit, Fadal VMC15, DC Machine
  • Fadal VH65 4th Axis Upgrade Kit, VMC4020 DC Machine, 1400-4 CPU
  • Fadal VH65 4th Axis Upgrade Kit, VMC4020 DC Machine, 1400-5 CPU
  • 4th AXIS AC Upgrade Kit For AC Machine

To learn more about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to offer detailed information and maintain open communication throughout the process.


For warranty details, please refer to the product pages for the most precise and up-to-date information. Most of our upgrade kits have a one year warranty.