1010 Axis/Spindle

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  1. Axis Control, 1010-4, Reman


  2. Spindle Control, 1010-4S, Reman


  3. Spindle Controler Card, 1010-5S


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  4. Axis Control, 1010-6G, NEW


  5. Axis Control, 1010-6B, Reman


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  6. Axis Control, 1010-1, Reman


  7. Spindle Control, 1010-1S, Reman


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Fadal 1010 Spindle/Axis Cards

Fadal 1010 Series Spindle/Axis Circuit Controllers are vital components that form the backbone of your CNC machinery. They play a huge role in precise movements and operations. On this page, you'll find the Fadal 1010 Series Spindle/Axis Circuit Controller that you can use in your Fadal CNC machine.

What Do Axis Or Spindle Cards Do? 

In CNC machines, the Fadal Axis Control Circuit Boards are responsible for controlling the X,Y,Z,A & B Axis movements, ensuring they are at the right place at the right time. Fadal Spindle Circuit Controller, on the other hand, regulates the speed of the spindle that holds the cutting tool, determining how quickly it cuts. These cards work together to ensure Fadal CNC machines operate accurately and effectively, resulting in precise and efficient machining processes.

We Sell Replacement PCB Cards For Fadal CNC Machines

At ITSCNC, we've been in business for over 40 years, starting from January 1st, 1980. We're here to offer Replacement Cards for Fadal CNC Machines. Our goal is to help your machines work well by providing these cards. Explore our collection and find the cards you need to keep your Fadal CNC machines running smoothly. Here are the Axis & Spindle replacement cards that we have in stock for Fadal CNC machines: 

  • PCB-0035R
  • PCB-0036
  • PCB-0037 
  • PCB-0141
  • PCB-0217
  • PCB-0217R
  • PCB-1010-1
  • PCB-1010-1S

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions before placing an order for an Axis or Spindle Card. Our team is here to assist you and help ensure you choose the correct card for your needs. Just give us a call, and we'll provide the guidance you need for a confident purchase.

Why Should You Buy From Us? 

Starting in 1992 we became the main supplier to Fadal for In-Circuit and Functional testing on all of their circuit boards.  ITSCNC stands as a reliable choice. We offer replacement cards for Fadal CNC machines to keep your operations efficient. Our focus on quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive dependable solutions. By choosing us, you're tapping into our decades of experience, dedicated to providing products that stand the test of time.


Our warranty ensures peace of mind. Check individual product pages for specific warranty details and coverage. New Circuit Boards carry a one year warranty and reman Circuit Boards carry a six month warranty

Trust ITSCNC for reliable replacements that keep your Fadal CNC machines running smoothly.