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About Fadal CNC Idler Parts

Here at ITSCNC, we have carefully curated a comprehensive selection of precision-engineered components that are specifically designed to elevate or improve your Fadal CNC machine's performance. In this section, we'll navigate through the vital Fadal CNC Idler Parts, shed light on warranty details, and underline the steadfast support we offer at ITSCNC.

Our Products

Here’s a list of the products that we’re currently offering at the moment: 

Fadal ATC Thrust Bearing NTA 1625

The ATC Thrust Bearing NTA 1625 plays a crucial role in the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) assembly of your Fadal CNC machine. It ensures smooth and precise movement, enabling quick and efficient tool changes.

Fadal ATC Thrust Washer TRA 1625

Complementing the thrust bearing, the ATC Thrust Washer TRA 1625 provides support and reduces friction in the ATC assembly, contributing to the overall efficiency of your machine.

Fadal Needle Bearing

Needle bearings are versatile components used in various parts of your CNC machine. They offer exceptional load-bearing capacity and are designed for applications requiring high precision and durability.

Fadal ATC Needle Bearing B2416

Specifically designed for the Automatic Tool Changer, the ATC Needle Bearing B2416 ensures the smooth rotation of the tool carousel, facilitating precise tool selection during machining.

Fadal Thrust Washer, Idler Assembly

This component contributes to the smooth operation of the idler assembly in your Fadal CNC machine, minimizing wear and ensuring reliability.

Fadal Idler Wheel with Bearings

The idler wheel with integrated bearings is a critical component in the idler assembly. It supports the smooth movement of belts and pulleys, helping to maintain consistent machine performance.

Fadal Idler Assembly; Hi/Low; Standard

The standard idler assembly, available in both high and low ranges, ensures the proper functioning of the machine's transmission, contributing to the versatility of your Fadal CNC machine.

Fadal Idler Assembly; Hydraulic High Torque

For high-torque applications, the hydraulic idler assembly offers robust performance, ensuring your machine can handle demanding tasks with ease.

Fadal Bell Crank Assemblies

Our bell crank assemblies, available in gold and silver variants, are equipped with needle bearings and magnets. They are vital for precise tool changes and efficient movement within your CNC machine.

Fadal Rod End, Standard

Rod ends play a critical role in various moving parts of your machine, providing flexibility and precision in motion.

Fadal Cylinder Rod End, HT

Designed for high-torque applications, the cylinder rod end ensures reliable performance under demanding conditions.

Fadal Idler Wheel Retainer

The idler wheel retainer secures the idler wheel in place, preventing slippage and maintaining consistent tension on belts and pulleys.

Warranty Information

Each of our products comes with its own specific warranty, depending on the manufacturer and product type. For detailed warranty information, we suggest you to visit the individual product pages on our website. This will help you get more accurate information about the products.

ITSCNC Support

We’ve said this before, and we will say it again, at ITSCNC, we are your partners in precision machining. On top of that, our experienced team are available to assist you with any questions, technical inquiries, or guidance you may need while making a purchase. 

Also, we understand that every machining setup is unique, and our support is tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you have questions about product compatibility or need troubleshooting assistance, our experts are here to help. 

Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email, and we'll provide the support you need to keep your CNC machines operating at their best.