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  1. Choke Valve PDI Pump


  2. Air/oil 10k,15k Pump (SEE LUB-0150)


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  3. Bijur Waylube Tank & Gasket, PDI


  4. Bijur PDI Pump, Piston Assembly


  5. Bijur PDI Pump, Spring


  6. Bijur PDI Pump, Cylinder Cover


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Pump and Motor Components For Fadal CNC Machines

Our comprehensive selection of Replacement Pumps for Fadal CNC Machines components is carefully engineered to optimize the performance of your machinery. These components are integral for lubrication, cooling, and efficient operation.

Here’s a list of the products that we are offering at the moment: 

DRIVE MOTOR; BIJUR LUBE PUMP 3 RPM: A high-quality drive motor designed for Bijur lube pumps, ensuring reliable lubrication.

Bijur Level Switch/Tube, Waylube: This level switch and tube are essential for monitoring and maintaining proper waylube levels.

Choke Valve PDI Pump: A choke valve component for PDI pumps, regulating fluid flow for precise lubrication.

Bijur Waylube Pump/Tank Assembly, NON-PDI: This assembly, designed for non-PDI systems, ensures consistent waylube delivery.

Air/oil 10k, 15k Pump (SEE LUB-0150): An air/oil pump suitable for 10K and 15K applications, providing efficient lubrication.

BIJOR PUMP/PLATE/INJECTOR ASSY; AIR/OIL 10K/15K: An assembly consisting of a pump, plate, and injector for air/oil systems in 10K and 15K machinery.

Bijur Waylube Pump/Tank Assembly, PDI: This assembly is tailored for PDI systems, ensuring precise waylube delivery.

Bijur Waylube Tank & Gasket, PDI: The tank and gasket components for PDI systems, facilitating efficient waylube management.

Bijur PDI Pump, Piston Assembly: An essential component of the PDI pump, ensuring consistent lubrication.

Bijur PDI Pump, Cylinder Assembly: The cylinder assembly for PDI pumps, contributing to smooth and reliable operation.

Bijur PDI Pump, Spring: A spring component in the PDI pump, aiding in precise lubricant delivery.

Bijur PDI Pump, Cylinder Cover: The cylinder cover for PDI pumps, safeguarding critical components.

Bijur, PDI Pump Repair Kit w/Gasket: A comprehensive repair kit, including a gasket, to maintain and restore PDI pumps.

Chiller Pump: An essential component for cooling systems, ensuring optimal temperature control.

Chiller Pump Strainer, In-line 40 Mesh, 3/8M: A 40-mesh in-line strainer for chiller pumps, preventing debris from entering the system.

Chiller Pump & Motor Assembly: This assembly includes both the chiller pump and motor for convenient installation.

Chiller Pump Head: The chiller pump head, a crucial part for efficient cooling system operation.

PUMP ASSY; FLOOD 1/10 HP W/ CORD/FITTING (SEE PMP-0064): A flood coolant pump assembly with a cord and fittings, suitable for 1/10 HP applications.

Flood Coolant Pump, 1/4 HP, 50/60Hz, 120AC, with Cord & Fittings: A robust 1/4 HP flood coolant pump with all necessary cord and fittings for convenience.

Wire Harness, PDI Pump Prewire: A prewired wire harness for PDI pump systems, simplifying installation.

Warranty Information

For detailed warranty information on each product that falls under Fadal CNC Pumps and Pump Parts, please visit the individual product pages. We provide comprehensive warranty details to ensure your confidence in the durability and reliability of our components. 

Note: Check each page for more accurate information.

Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or queries regarding our Fadal Pumps and Pump Parts and components. Feel free to call us anytime for expert guidance and support. Please keep in mind that your satisfaction is our priority.