1460 Memory Expansion

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  1. Memory 384KB, 1460-22


  2. Memory 4MB, 1460-4A, Buy PCB-0043


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  3. 8MB, Memory, 1460-4B


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  4. Memory 16MB, 1460-4C


  5. Memory, PCB-1460-1


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About Fadal 1460 Memory Expansion Boards

The Memory Expansion PCB for Fadal CNC Machines is a practical solution to enhance your CNC machine's capabilities, aimed at improving your manufacturing processes.

Here's how Fadal 1460 Memory Expansions work. This PCB easily integrates into your CNC machine, boosting its memory. It's like giving your CNC machine a memory upgrade, just like adding more RAM to a computer. This extra memory empowers your CNC machine to handle complex tasks and intricate designs.

More memory means your CNC machine can handle larger, intricate projects. It becomes more precise, reducing errors and increasing output speed. Investing in the Memory Expansion PCB means improved quality, faster production, and a competitive edge in CNC machining.

Our Products

Here’s a list of the current 1460 Fadal CNC Memory Expansions that we currently have in our inventory: 

  • Memory 384KB, 1460-22
  • Memory 4MB, 1460-4A, Buy PCB-0043
  • 8MB, Memory, 1460-4B
  • Memory 16MB, 1460-4C
  • Memory, PCB-1460-1

We are well-equipped to meet your Fadal Circuit Boards needs.


We offer two warranty choices for our customers: 

New One-Year Warranty: When you buy brand-new products from us, you get a one-year warranty. That means if something goes wrong within the first year, we'll take care of it.

Reman 6 Month Warranty: For our remanufactured items, we provide a six-month warranty. If anything goes haywire within those six months, we've got you covered.

These warranties show our commitment to quality and your satisfaction. You can trust us to stand by our products and make sure you're happy with your purchase.

Customer Support

If you face any problems after purchasing Fadal CNC Memory or if you have any questions or queries about our Fadal Parts prior to purchase, feel free to reach out to us via email or by calling us. We are more than happy to answer all your questions.