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These belts are precision ground and matched size for the best results in your 10K HI/LOW system.Beware - Not all belts are the same! Many think that the spindle balancing is the key to all finish problems. While important, it's not the only component that must be correct. The belts are just as important! You can have a perfectly balanced spindle and suffer poor finishes by using sub-standard belts.Good serpentine belts are critical in the high speed machining process. Ours belts are not the garden variety belts commonly sold on-line. Inferior belts will cause noise and directly affect the part finish.According to Dave de Caussin in the old days at Fadal when the HI/LOW system was first developed, the most difficult aspect of production was getting "good belts". Each machine it had to pass a finish test cut before shipping. Many times the assemblers would need to put 3 or 4 sets of belts on a machine before finally passing the test cut.Fadal would order 1500 belts from Gates and could only use 1/3 of them. Working with Gates, they engineered a special belt test fixtures that allows them to finally identify the specific design criteria to ensure maximum performance.Of course we can't reveal the exact specifications but we can assure you our belts meet the original specifications and will perform equal or better than original.- See more at: