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NSK Ballscrew, Y-Axis, 4020-5020 Metric, Coolant Thru.

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NSK Ballscrew, Y-Axis, 4020-5020 Metric, Coolant Thru.

Designed for operators of the 4020-5020 Metric Fadal CNC Machine, the NSK-made Ballscrew for the Y-Axis stands as a crucial component, ensuring precise and efficient machining operations.

Product Overview

This BLS-0037N ballscrew stands as a testament to NSK's long standing reputation for cutting-edge technological solutions. Tailored exclusively for the Y-Axis in 4020-5020 Metric Fadal CNC Machines, it guarantees optimal performance and precision in every machining task.


Engineered with precision, this ballscrew seamlessly integrates with the specified Fadal models. Its design is meticulously crafted to enhance the overall functionality and performance of your CNC machine.


The craftsmanship of NSK Ballscrew, Y-Axis, 4020-5020 Metric, Coolant Thru., a renowned industry leader, is embedded in every aspect of this ballscrew. Known for their commitment to quality and innovation, NSK ensures that this component meets the highest standards in CNC machining.

Usage of BLS-0037N

Installed in the Y-Axis of 4020-5020 Metric Fadal CNC Machines, this NSK Ballscrew Y-Axis 4020/5020 Metric plays a pivotal role in facilitating smooth, accurate, and efficient movements during machining processes. Its application is tailored to meet the demands of various machining tasks, providing versatility in operation.


Distinguished by its innovative Coolant Thru technology, this ballscrew effectively manages heat generated during operations. This feature is crucial for maintaining consistent and reliable performance, especially in demanding machining applications where precision is paramount.

Warranty Information

Your investment is secured by a comprehensive New, One Year Warranty, reflecting our commitment to providing assurance and confidence in the reliability of our products. In the rare event of any issues, our customer-centric approach ensures prompt and effective resolution.

Support We Offer

Opting for ITSCNC means choosing a partner dedicated to your success. Our support team is ready to assist you with any challenges you may encounter, ensuring that your CNC machine operates at its best. Our commitment extends beyond the purchase, fostering a long-lasting partnership.

Why ITSCNC For Fadal Ballscrews, Assemblies & Parts? 

ITSCNC stands out as a reliable choice for those seeking precision and durability in CNC machining. Our comprehensive range of quality components and exceptional customer support positions us as the preferred destination for operators who value excellence in their machining endeavors. 

Feel free to connect with us for any inquiries regarding Fadal Ballscrews, Assemblies & Parts – we're here to support your journey in CNC machining with expertise and reliability.

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New, One Year Warranty

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New, One Year Warranty

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