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NSK Ballscrew, X-Axis, 4020 Metric, Coolant Thru

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NSK Ballscrew, X-Axis, 4020 Metric, Coolant Thru

The NSK Ballscrew, X-Axis, 4020 Metric, Coolant Thru (BLS-0034N) is a crucial replacement part for Fadal CNC Machines. It facilitates precise horizontal tool movement, aided by a coolant-through design for temperature control. This component ensures accuracy and reliability in machining, contributing significantly to the machine's performance by enabling efficient and controlled cutting processes.

Usage of Fadal BLS-0034

The (BLS-0034N) is a critical component in Fadal CNC Machines. Specifically designed for horizontal tool movement, it ensures precision and reliability in machining processes. The "Coolant Thru" feature helps regulate temperature during operation. This promotes efficient cutting by preventing overheating. In essence, this product enhances the machine's capability to deliver accurate and controlled cuts, making it essential for achieving high-quality machining results in various applications.

Information About NSK

NSK is a renowned manufacturer specializing in precision engineering solutions, notably producing high-quality Ballscrews used in Fadal CNC Machines. With a strong reputation in the industry, NSK is known for its commitment to precision and innovation. The technical excellence of NSK products, such as the Ballscrew, X-Axis, 5020A, Metric, Coolant Thru (BLS-0034N), ensures reliable performance, making them a trusted choice in CNC machining.

Features And Functionality Of The NSK Ballscrew, X-Axis, 4020 Metric, Coolant Thru

The NSK Ballscrew, X-Axis, 4020 Metric, Coolant Thru (BLS-0034N) boasts features enhancing its functionality in Fadal CNC Machines. Precision is ensured in horizontal tool movement, crucial for accurate cuts. The "Coolant Thru" design regulates temperature, preventing overheating during operations, and contributing to efficient machining. This component's reliability and innovative features make it an essential part, elevating the performance of Fadal CNC Machines for diverse machining applications.


The (BLS-0034N) is backed by a new, one-year warranty. This assurance from ITSCNC underscores our commitment to product quality, offering customers peace of mind and confidence in their purchase, knowing that the component is covered against defects for a period of one year from the date of acquisition.

ITSCNC Support 

ITSCNC offers exceptional support for the NSK Ballscrew, X-Axis, 4020 Metric, Coolant Thru (BLS-0034N). Our responsive customer service and technical assistance ensure a seamless experience, addressing inquiries promptly and effectively.

Why Choose ITSCNC 

Choose ITSCNC for your CNC Fadal Ballscrews, Assemblies & Parts and benefit from dependable products like the NSK Ballscrew. Our commitment to quality, reinforced by a new, one-year warranty, guarantees customer satisfaction. With a focus on reliable warranties and customer-centric service, ITSCNC is your trusted partner in the world of CNC machining.

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New, One Year Warranty

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New, One Year Warranty

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