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Bellows Cover, Y-AXIS, 4020/5020A

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Fadal Bellows Cover, Y-AXIS, 4020/5020A

The Bellows Cover, Y-AXIS, 4020/5020A (CVR-0179), functions as a Genuine Fadal OEM cover, made specifically for VMC 4020/5020A machines. Its technical design aims to protect the Ball Screw, preserving machining precision.

The CVR-0179 ensures optimal compatibility and reliability, crucial for safeguarding the Ball Screw against environmental contaminants.

Usage Of CVR-0179

The Bellows Cover, Y-Axis, 4020/5020A (CVR-0179), is integral to Fadal CNC Machines, particularly VMC 4020/5020A models. It is made to be a protective barrier. Its main job is to shield the Ball Screw from contaminants, ensuring the seamless and accurate movement of the machine's components.

This cover plays a crucial role in maintaining precision and longevity in machining processes.


The Bellows Cover, Y-Axis, 4020/5020A (CVR-0179), offers protection for Fadal CNC Machines. As a Genuine Fadal OEM cover, it guarantees compatibility and reliability.

Its technical design shields the Ball Screw, ensuring precise and contaminant-free movement, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of machining processes.

Warranty Information

The Bellows Cover, Y-Axis, 4020/5020A (CVR-0179), includes a Remanufactured (Reman), Six-Month Warranty. This warranty provides coverage for six months from the date of purchase, offering assurance of quality and performance during the initial period of use.

Support for Bellows Cover at ITSCNC

At ITSCNC, we're here to support you with the Bellows Cover, Y-Axis, 4020/5020A (CVR-0179). Our dedicated team ensures prompt assistance, technical guidance, and issue resolution, making your experience with our product seamless and worry-free.

Why Choose ITSCNC For Fadal Ballscrews, Assemblies & Parts

Choose ITSCNC for Fadal Replacement Parts, like the Bellows Cover, for a dependable and hassle-free experience. Our genuine Fadal OEM parts, backed by a Remanufactured Six-Month Warranty, guarantee reliability. Count on us for superior components and exceptional customer support for your CNC machining needs.

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Reman, Six Month Warranty

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Reman, Six Month Warranty

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