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USB Mass Storage Controller, 32GB Memory, Dual Switching Serial Ports

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32GB USB Mass Storage Controller and Dual Serial Port

The USB Mass Storage Controller with 32GB memory and dual serial ports is a versatile USB-FADAL-KIT for CNC machining. This device, known as the Fadal USB Mass Storage Bridge, serves as a computer host, connecting a standard USB stick (with a capacity of up to 2 terabytes) to your Fadal Legacy Control via the RS232 port.


Here’s a list of features that are being offered by the 32GB USB Mass Storage Controller and Dual Serial Port: 

CNC Program Loading: Users can effortlessly transfer their CNC programs to the control memory from the USB stick. This can be done through the standard TA Command or by drip-feeding the program using the Fadal DNC or DNCX Commands.

Superior Performance: The Fadal USB Mass Storage Bridge excels in performance, speed, available options, and ease of use. It outperforms other storage solutions, ensuring efficient CNC operations.

Advanced Functionality: The device is powered by the latest CPU design and offers advanced functions, including support for multiple directory commands, an intuitive help menu, time and date stamping, mid-tape start, and more.

Complete Installation Kit: Each kit includes all the components needed for installation in your Fadal machine. This includes a waterproof panel-mount USB connector with a cover, a 15 ft. USB cable, and a 16GB USB stick for storage.

Versatile Connectivity: The kit also includes two RJ45 cables and connectors to interface with the VMC Control through your 1030 card in slot 8 and your computer's RS232 port.

Reliable Power: The unit operates on 5VDC and features reverse polarity protection, safeguarding against incorrect plug orientation or power issues in the control system.






     • Dual Switch Serial Ports

     • Latest Atmel CPU

     •  Advanced Help Menus

     • Multiple DIR Menu's

     • DNC, DNCX

     • PU Commands

     • Time & Date Stamp

     • Portable Box

     • Run's on +5VDC

     • Fat 32 (Filename Length)  


Efficiency: The USB Mass Storage Controller simplifies the CNC program loading process, making it more efficient and reducing downtime.

Performance: With superior performance and advanced functionality, this device ensures your CNC operations run smoothly and productively.

Ease of Installation: The complete installation kit makes setup hassle-free, saving you time and effort.

Reliability: The unit's design and reverse polarity protection ensure reliable and safe operation.


This product comes with a new five-year warranty, providing peace of mind and protection for your investment.


At ITSCNC, we offer dedicated support for this product, including assistance with installation and troubleshooting. Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you get the most out of your USB Mass Storage Controller. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with your CNC system.


Click Here for USB Installation Guide.

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Shipping Time4pm PST
WarrantyNew Five Year Warranty
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Our Fadal USB Mass Storage Device Is far Superior In  Performance, Speed, Available Options And Simplicity Of Use!

  1. Our Fadal USB Mass Stroage Bridge is a Computer Host that interfaces a standard USB Stick (up to 2tb) through the RS232 port to your Fadal Leagcy Control. The user can load their CNC Programs into the control memory from the USB
    Stick using the standard TA Command or drip feed the program to the control using the Fadal DNC or DNCX Command

  2. The Mass Storage Bridge uses the latest CPU design and supports many advanced functions including multiple directory commands, advanced help memu, time and date stamp, mid tape start and much more.

  3. Each kit includes  everything you need to install it in your Fadal including a water proof panel mount USB connector with cover, 15 ft. USB cable and 16gb. USB Stick.

  4. It also includes two RJ45 Cables and Connectors to interface to the VMC Control through your 1030 card in slot 8 and also to your existing Computer's RS232 port. 

  5. The unit is powered by 5VDC and is reverse po;arity protected in the event the unit is plugged in backwards or there is a power problem in the control.


Click Here to download the USB Installation and Users Guide.

New Five Year Warranty
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