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Part number: ELE-0080
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Fadal Rotary Switch, 7 Position , CNC88, CNC88HS

Product Overview

The Switch, Rotary 7-Position, CNC88(HS) facilitates axis selection during JOG operations with its 7-position rotary configuration. This design offers operators the flexibility to navigate and control different axes with ease. The robust construction ensures durability, making it an essential component for precise and efficient machining tasks.


The Fadal 7 Position Rotary Switch (ELE-0080) is tailored for Fadal CNC Machines, offering features that enhance functionality:

Precision Axis Selection: The 7-position rotary design allows for precise axis selection during JOG operations, enhancing operator control for accurate movements in intricate machining tasks.

Durability and Reliability: As a Genuine Fadal OEM electronic replacement part, this rotary switch is built to withstand the demands of CNC machining environments, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Seamless Integration: The ELE-0080 seamlessly integrates into Fadal CNC systems, aligning with the machine's original specifications. This simplifies the replacement process for quick and efficient installation without compromising overall performance.

JOG Operations: With its 7-position rotary configuration, the ELE-0080 offers versatility in JOG operations. CNC operators can effortlessly navigate through different axes, adapting machine movements to specific machining requirements with ease.

Operator-Friendly Design: The ergonomic design ensures ease of use during CNC operations, providing an intuitive interface for swift and accurate axis selection.

Compatibility Assurance: As a Genuine Fadal OEM part, the ELE-0080 assures compatibility with Fadal CNC Machines, eliminating concerns related to integration issues.


The ELE-0080 finds application during JOG operations, where selecting the appropriate axis is crucial for achieving accurate and controlled movements. The 7-position rotary design offers versatility, allowing operators to navigate through various axes seamlessly, enhancing overall CNC machining efficiency.


When you acquire the ELE-0080 from ITSCNC, it comes backed by a 90-day warranty, reflecting our commitment to providing quality replacement parts and ensuring your investment is protected and supported.

Support for Fadal Electrical Parts

At ITSCNC, we offer comprehensive support for Fadal electrical parts, including the ELE-0080. Our expert team is readily available to assist with inquiries, provide installation guidance, and address troubleshooting needs related to Fadal electrical components. We strive to enhance your experience by delivering reliable and responsive support, fostering confidence in your CNC machining endeavors.

Why Choose Us For Fadal Electrical Parts

Choosing ITSCNC for your Fadal electrical parts ensures access to genuine OEM replacements and a commitment to quality. Our extensive inventory, combined with knowledgeable support, empowers you to maintain the integrity of your Fadal CNC Machine. With a focus on reliability, affordability, and customer satisfaction, we stand as your trusted partner in keeping your CNC operations running smoothly.

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90 Day Warranty
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