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LCD Display, 12.1" MP Pendant with Color VGA Kit, 2 Year Warranty

Part number: ELE-1072C-ITS
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Product Overview

The 12.1" MP Pendant with Color VGA Kit is a transformative upgrade, converting your 10-pin VGA Monochrome to a dynamic Color VGA display. Together, let’s discover the ELE-1072C-ITS array of key features that elevate your control experience.

Key Features

Find out how the 12.1" LCD Display for MP Pendant can elevate your control experience with its impressive features:

Color Conversion: Seamlessly transition from monochrome to vibrant Color VGA with the included PCB-0214 Color Board, enhancing visibility and clarity.

High-Resolution Brilliance: This display delivers high-resolution visuals, capturing every intricate detail with exceptional clarity, and ensuring precise control processes.

Anti-Glare Advantage: The anti-glare screen minimizes reflections, guaranteeing comfortable viewing even in challenging lighting conditions.

Sleek Molded Bezel: The flat molded bezel not only offers a professional aesthetic but also ensures the display's durability and protection.

Remote Control Convenience: Effortlessly customize display settings from a distance with the included remote control, making adjustments hassle-free.

Effortless Installation: A straightforward 4-screw installation process ensures quick setup, getting you up and running without complications.

Versatile Connectivity: Tailor your connection to your specific requirements with the option of BNC or VGA connections.

ITS Craftsmanship: Trust in the quality and reliability of a product meticulously designed and crafted by ITS, a leading source for control and display solutions.

Warranty Assurance

For your peace of mind, the 12.1" LCD Display for MP Pendant is backed by a generous 2-year warranty, offering coverage and protection against unexpected issues during the warranty period.

ITS Support

Count on our dedicated support team to assist with inquiries, technical support, or any guidance you may require. We're committed to ensuring your experience with our products is smooth and trouble-free.

Why Choose Us

Opt for ITSCNC to purchase your Fadal LCD Display, 12.1" MP Pendant. We are mainly known for seamlessly combining quality, reliability, and innovation. Our offering not only enhances your control system but also provides comprehensive support and an extended warranty. With ITSCNC, you're selecting a trusted partner for your control and display needs, built on years of experience and a steadfast commitment to your satisfaction.

Note: For inquiries or additional information regarding Fadal LCD Displays, please reach out to us.

More Information
Warranty2 Year Warranty
Repair PriceNo

Convert your old 10 pin VGA Monochrome to Color VGA using the PCB-0214 Color Board.

  • High Resolution
  • Anti-Glare Scrreen
  • Flat Molded Bezel
  • Remote Control
  • Simple 4 Screw Installation
  • BNC or VGA Connection
  • Designed and built by ITS
2 Year Warranty
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