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Fadal Spindle Motor Fan

The Fadal Spindle Motor Fan is a critical component designed to keep your equipment cool and operating efficiently. This fan comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Warranty Details

The ELE-0124 comes with a limited Warranty Period of one year. This warranty covers any potential issues with the Spindle Motor Fan during the first year after purchase.

Reliable Cooling

The Spindle Motor Fan plays a vital role in maintaining the optimal temperature of your equipment, preventing overheating, and ensuring consistent performance.

Key Benefits of the Spindle Motor Fan for Fadal CNC Machines

Here’s a list of the benefits our Fadal Spindle Motor Fan offers: 

  • Efficient Cooling
    The Spindle Motor Fan, a Genuine Fadal OEM electronic part (replacement part number ELE-0124), is tailored to keep your Fadal CNC machine operating at the ideal temperature. This prevents overheating and ensures consistent and reliable performance.

  • Reliable Operation
    This fan is purpose-built for Fadal CNC machines, ensuring seamless compatibility and reliable operation. This means you can say goodbye to unexpected downtime caused by temperature-related issues.

  • Enhanced Equipment Longevity
    By effectively managing heat, the Spindle Motor Fan contributes to the prolonged lifespan of your Fadal CNC machine. This translates to cost savings and fewer replacements over time.

  • Reduced Maintenance
    The fan's cooling efficiency reduces the need for frequent maintenance and repairs, freeing up time and resources for other critical tasks.

  • Quiet Operation
    Enjoy a peaceful work environment as the Spindle Motor Fan operates quietly, eliminating unnecessary noise disruptions.


At ITSCNC, we prioritize your satisfaction and the smooth operation of your machinery. If you have any questions or require further information regarding the Fadal CNC Machine Spindle Motor Fan that we are selling, please feel free to contact us.

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New, One Year Warranty
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