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20HP Spindle Motor With Encoder, Replaces All 20HP Motors

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Fadal 20HP Spindle Motor, MTR-0289

Fadal 20HP Baldor Spindle Motor with Encoder (MTR-0289) is your solution for replacing 20HP motors, fitting seamlessly into all VHT models and 10000 RPM Spindles. With a sealed design, it eliminates shop air contamination. Its adaptability includes closed-loop Vector or Inverter (VDF), rigid tap, or standard non-RT functionality. Compatible with both standard and Wye/Delta configurations, it comes with a 1-year warranty and an upgraded encoder for precision.

Key Features

Here’s a list of the key features and benefits that the MTR-0289 has to offer: 

Versatile Compatibility: MTR-0289 seamlessly replaces all 20HP motors, making it a versatile solution adaptable to various applications, including VHT models.

Sealed Design: The motor boasts a sealed construction, safeguarding against shop air contamination. This design ensures a clean and efficient operation across diverse machining environments.

Operational Flexibility: Whether you need Close Loop Vector or Inverter (VDF), rigid tap, or standard non-RT functionality, MTR-0289 accommodates your requirements. It is compatible with both standard and Wye/Delta configurations.

Enhanced Encoder: The product is equipped with an upgraded encoder, enhancing precision and control in spindle operations.

Inclusive Fan: Along with the encoder, this 20HP Spindle Motor comes with a fan, contributing to effective cooling during machining operations.


Anyone who purchases this product will benefit from a reassuring 1-year warranty, underscoring the commitment to the durability and reliability of the 20HP Spindle Motor With Encoder (MTR-0289). This warranty ensures support and protection for your investment in case something goes south within 365 days. 

Why Choose MTR-0289

The MTR-0289 is a dependable choice for replacing all 20HP motors. Its robust design and compatibility with various configurations make it a reliable solution for diverse machining requirements. Also, the included upgraded encoder enhances precision and control in spindle operations, ensuring consistent and accurate machining results.

Competitive Advantage

The sealed design of MTR-0289 eliminates concerns about shop air contamination, ensuring a clean and efficient machining environment. Whether you need Close Loop Vector, Inverter, rigid tap, or standard functionality, MTR-0289 offers operational versatility to meet your specific machining needs.

Why Buy MTR-0289 From ITSCNC? 

Buy 20HP Spindle Motor With Encoder, Replaces All 20HP Motors (MTR-0289) from ITSCNC for unrivalled support and quality assurance. Our commitment ensures your CNC machinery operates seamlessly, backed by a team dedicated to your satisfaction.

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This 20HP Spindle Motor comes with Encoder and Fan.
1 Year Warranty
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