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Spindle, 10K Air/Oil, Locking Drawbar Installed, Reman

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Spindle, 10K Air/Oil, Locking Drawbar Installed, Reman

ITS offers a Reman, Fadal Air/Oil Spindle suitable for any Fadal Machine that has an Air/Oil Spindle System.  Our Spindles come complete with the Drawbar installed. The Reman, Fadal Air/Oil Spindle comes with a silver sand or black housing.  The Spindle is one of the most important aspects of the machine and the ITS version, Fadal Spindle willl last a long time if installed and maintained correctly.

Product Specification 

  • - ITS Part Number SPN-0103R
  • - 10,000 RPM, Ground Taper in the shaft.        
  • - Suitable to use with any Fadal Machine that has an Air/Oil Spindle Pump.
  • - ITS includes a Fitting/O-Ring kit with all of our Spindles.
  • - For 15,000 RPM Spindles order SPN-0107.


All ITS Spindles have a One Year Limited Warranty. Air/Oil Spindles will run a long time as long as oil is being pumped to them and dow frost is chilling it. The premature failure of any spindle caused by customer misuse may result in a repair charge but we usally will never void the warranty entirely. The repair cost is typically $1200.00 to $1500.00.

Complete Spindle Support:

Along with our Fadal engineering background and direct interaction with our Spindle Engineers, we will provide you the best product support service not only at the time of installation, but after too.

Professional Diagnose: We offer tech support to determine whether your spindle needs to be replaced, or if there are any other issues or concerns.

Instruction Manual: We provide an instruction manual containing brief and simple step by step instructions of the installation procedure of the Spindle . The document also contains Preventative Maintenance tips that will help to avoid future failures and allow the Fadal Spindle to run long.

Here's some more useful information on our Spindles.

Click Here for the Installation Guide.
Click Here for Spindle Failure Causes.

Click Here for Spindle Warranty Warnings.


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Shipping Time4pm PST
WarrantyNew or Reman, 1 Year Warranty
Repair PriceNo
New or Reman, 1 Year Warranty
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