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Fadal Wye/Delta Relay With Switch, ELE-0746

The WYE/Delta Contactor with Switch (ELE-0746) plays a crucial role in Fadal CNC Machines, available as a reliable replacement part from ITSCNC. This component serves a dual function: managing electrical currents and facilitating smooth transitions between WYE and Delta configurations.


In essence, the Fadal WYE Delta Contactor Relay with Switch controls the flow of electrical power within the CNC Spindle. Its design allows it to handle high currents effectively, ensuring the smooth operation of Spindle Speed. In the WYE configuration, the contactor facilitates the use of three-phase power, distributing it evenly across the machine spindle for low speed. On the other hand, when more power is needed, the switch engages the Delta configuration for high speed, optimizing performance.

Versatility Of The WYE/Delta Contactor 

What makes this contactor valuable is its versatility. Fadal CNC Machines often require adaptability in power distribution, especially during intricate machining processes. The WYE/Delta Contactor with Switch excels at managing dynamic power needs, enhancing the overall efficiency of the machine.


In operation, the contactor acts as a gatekeeper, allowing or interrupting the flow of electricity to different machine components. This precision in power management is crucial for preventing electrical overloads and ensuring the longevity of sensitive electronics within the CNC system.

Warranty Of WYE/Delta Contactor with Switch

Our commitment to providing top-notch replacements for Fadal CNC Machines is backed by a 90 Day Warranty, offering peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.


Choosing ITSCNC for replacement parts, like the WYE/Delta Contactor with Switch, ensures not only quality components but also comprehensive support. 

Our Support

Choose ITSCNC for reliability, quality, and the assurance of optimal CNC performance. At ITSCNC, we understand the intricate workings of Fadal Electrical Parts, making us the ideal choice for sourcing replacement parts like the WYE/Delta, Contactor with Switch. We take pride in offering not just products but solutions, ensuring your CNC system operates at its best.

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Warranty90 Day Warranty
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90 Day Warranty
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