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Switch, Lever, Mounts on PCB-0200

Part number: ELE-0941
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Switch, Lever, Mounts on PCB-0200

The SWITCH-LEVER (ELE-0941) is a switch designed for seamless integration onto PCB-0200 in Fadal CNC Machines. This lever-type switch ensures precise control and functionality, enhancing the performance of your CNC system.

Functionality and Placement

The Fadal DPDT Toggle Switch switch boasts a lever-type mechanism, precisely crafted to mount on PCB-0200. This design optimally facilitates interaction with the PCB, ensuring effective and reliable operation within Fadal CNC Machines.

Usage and Application

Dedicated to enabling or disabling specific functions, the ELE-0941 switch, when mounted on PCB-0200, provides a tactile lever interface for operators. This functionality allows for on-the-fly engagement or disengagement of crucial CNC machine processes.

Warranty Assurance

With your purchase of the SWITCH; LEVER [PCB]MOUNTS ON PCB-0200 from ITSCNC, benefit from a reassuring 90-day warranty. This warranty underscores our commitment to delivering replacement parts that are not only reliable but also durable for Fadal CNC Machines.

Support for Fadal Electrical Parts

ITSCNC stands ready to provide comprehensive support for all Fadal electrical parts, including the ELE-0941 switch. Our experienced team is readily available to address inquiries, offer installation guidance, and assist with any troubleshooting needs related to Fadal electrical components.

Why Choose Us for Fadal Electrical Parts

Opting for ITSCNC guarantees access to genuine Fadal Electrical Parts and a commitment to quality in Fadal CNC Machines. Our extensive inventory, coupled with expert support, empowers users to uphold the performance and reliability of their CNC systems.

Prioritizing affordability, reliability, and customer satisfaction, ITSCNC stands out as the preferred choice for Fadal CNC solutions.

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Warranty90 Day Warranty
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90 Day Warranty
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