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Fadal Rotary Switch, 3 Postion for CNC88 and CNC88 HS

Product Overview

The SWITCH, ROTARY; 3 POS (ELE-0078) is a critical component that’s specifically needed to efficiently run your Fadal CNC Machines. This rotary switch plays a pivotal role as a rapid speed percentage selector on the pendant, offering precise control over speed settings during machine operations.

Technical Functionality

Engineered with precision, this rotary switch boasts a three-position design, enabling nuanced speed adjustments. Each position corresponds to specific speed percentages, allowing operators to fine-tune the machine's performance. The technical intricacies of the ELE-0078 ensure swift and reliable speed changes, optimizing CNC machining tasks.

Technical Usage in Fadal CNC Machines

In Fadal CNC Machines, the SWITCH, ROTARY 3-POSITION, CNC88(HS) serves as an important part, specifically used for a rapid speed percentage selector on the pendant. Operators rely on its ability to achieve exacting control over machining processes. Its seamless integration with Fadal systems allows for precise speed adjustments, catering to diverse machining requirements. 


When procuring the ELE-0078 from ITSCNC, you benefit from a robust 90-day warranty. This warranty underscores our commitment to delivering components that not only meet technical specifications but also exceed industry standards, providing a reliable solution for your CNC machine.

Technical Support from ITSCNC

ITSCNC is not just a supplier but a technical partner in your CNC machining endeavors. Our dedicated support team comprises experts ready to assist with any technical queries or concerns related to the Fadal 3 Position Rotary Switch and other precision components. Technical excellence is at the forefront of our commitment to your CNC machine's optimal performance.

Why Choose ITSCNC

ITSCNC emerges as a preferred choice for CNC machine components due to our emphasis on technical precision, backed by solid warranties and expert technical support. Opt for ITSCNC for a superior Fadal Electrical Parts purchasing experience, where technical excellence converges with dependable performance in CNC machining.

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90 Day Warranty
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