Relay Solid State, AC Input, 45 AMP

Part number: ELE-0074
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Fadal Solid State Relay 45 AMP, For Amp Chassis

Explore reliable replacements with the Relay Solid State, AC Input, 45 AMP, available at ITSCNC, your go-to source for genuine Fadal OEM parts. Thie ELE-0074 serves a fundamental role in sustaining the functionality of your Fadal CNC machine. Let's dive into the specifics of what it does, how it operates, and why ITSCNC is the right choice for your replacement part needs.

Functional Stability for Your CNC Machine

The ELE-0074 ensures the stable operation of your Fadal CNC machine by effectively managing AC input. Its design focuses on practical functionality, contributing to the consistent performance of your equipment without unnecessary frills.

It Helps Power Your CNC Operations

When it comes to CNC operations, this relay acts as a dependable conductor, regulating electrical currents to maintain the accuracy of your machine's movements. It plays a crucial role in supporting various machining tasks, ensuring that your Fadal CNC machine operates smoothly without unnecessary complications.

Comes With A 90 Day Warranty

When you buy this product from our website, you can rest easy, as it comes with a solid 90 Day Warranty, offering assurance for your investment in the Relay Solid State, AC Input, 45 AMP. While it's a straightforward replacement part, our warranty provides coverage for the Fadal Solid State Relay 45 AMP in case any issues arise during the initial days of use.

Support from ITSCNC: Your Reliable CNC Partner

ITSCNC goes beyond just supplying parts – we're your partners in CNC success. Our team is ready to assist with installation guidance, answer queries, and provide the support you need. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures a smooth experience throughout your interaction with ITSCNC.

Why Choose ITSCNC?

When it comes to replacing Fadal Electrical Parts, ITSCNC is your reliable source. We offer genuine OEM replacements without unnecessary embellishments. Choose ITSCNC for a straightforward and hassle-free experience in securing the parts you need for your Fadal CNC machine.

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Warranty90 Day Warranty
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90 Day Warranty
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