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Fadal Magnetic Reed Switch: Product Overview

The Fadal Switch Reed Magnetic 2 WIRE 9FT Cable, also known as ELE-0146, is a vital component used in Fadal CNC Machines and if yours is acting up, we have a brand new one in stock for you.  This magnetic reed switch is designed with precision to detect magnetic fields, enabling it to register specific positions within the CNC machine. As the machine operates, the switch responds to magnetic cues, facilitating accurate positioning and contributing to the overall efficiency of the equipment.


Installed with a 9-foot cable, this switch (ELE-0146) is easily integrated into the CNC machine's system. Its two-wire configuration simplifies the connection process, ensuring seamless compatibility with Fadal machines. The strategic placement and reliable performance make it an essential element for the proper functioning of the CNC equipment.

Warranty for Fadal ELE-0146

When you purchase the Fadal Switch Reed Magnetic 2 WIRE 9FT Cable from ITSCNC, you can rely on the assurance of a 90 Day Warranty. This warranty underscores our confidence in the product's quality and provides customers with peace of mind regarding its performance.

Why Choose ITSCNC

ITSCNC stands out as a reliable source for Fadal CNC replacement parts, including the Switch Reed Magnetic 2-Wire 9FT Cable. With a commitment to quality, ITSCNC ensures that each product meets industry standards. Customers benefit not only from top-notch components but also from the expertise and guidance offered by ITSCNC's knowledgeable support team.

Support We Offer At ITSCNC

At ITSCNC, customer satisfaction is a priority. Our support extends beyond product purchase, encompassing assistance with installation, troubleshooting, and any queries related to CNC machine components. Count on ITSCNC for comprehensive support throughout your CNC machinery maintenance journey.

If you have any questions or queries about the Reed Magnetic Switch that we’re currently offering or any other Fadal Electrical Parts on our website, feel free to give us a call! We would love to help you out in buying what your Fadal CNC Machine needs.

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90 Day Warranty

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