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Fadal TR65 4th/5th Rotary Table

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Fadal TR65 4th/5th Rotary Table, No Scale.

Here's a sample of what we typically get in to rebuild a Rotary Table

Fadal Spindle 4th Axis Head Angle

One can only wonder what's happened to some of the units we've rebuilt.

Rotary Motor

Common Failures:
A). Coolant contamination causes motor and rotary bearing failures, mostly to do with seals failing.
B). Ring and/or worm gear damage from excessive use and/or tools crashing into the rotary spindle.
C). Face plate spindle damage, we had one unit that actually collapsed part of the spindle shaft. Fortunately, we were able to repair the spindle, potentially saving the customer the cost of replacing the entire face plate spindle.


Here's a sample of what you get back if you sent your TR65 or VH65 in for Repair.

4th Axis Assembly Initial Inspection upon receipt of rotary unit:
  - Main gear and worm gear
  - Bearings and Seals
  - Motor and Cable  
You will receive an estimate of repair 2 days after receiving rotary unit.
Repairs take an average of 5 working days after receiving approval.
Your rotary unit is repaired, reassembled and run in for 10 hours.  It is then re-inspected, all final adjustments and calibrations are performed to the original manufactures specification.
We warranty our complete Rebuilds for one year and we warranty our Repairs for 6 months.


We use the same rebuild process on the Rotary Tables we sell. That is why our warranty is 2 years.

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Shipping Time4pm PST
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Repair PriceYes

The original Fadal rotary heads are still one of the best overall designed attachments for the Fadal machine. While there are many imported rotary heads that might "look good" on the outside, it's the inside that really counts. The simple fact is the Fadal rotary tables were specifically designed to take a crash and keep on working. Once serviced, they will be good as new and ready for more years of dependable service.

We service all Rotary Tables and Heads attached to Fadal Machines:

Many different rotary heads were made throughout the years of production. A 4th or 5th rotary axis was one of the most popular machine options. In the early 90's we started shipping all machines "4th axis ready" which means the machine has all the wiring necessary. You basically only needed an amplifier and a axis controller card with software. Contact us if you thinking of adding a 4th axis, we offer all the necessary components.

As you'll see below, we are the most qualified to repair your rotary table. Having been there from the beginning, we know exactly what your table needs to bring it up to original specifications.

Simply call Toll Free 1-888-727-1887 for any questions you might have.

Brief Rotary Table History - A First Hand Account:

The very first rotary table sold that was sold on the VMC45 in 1981. It was designed and manufactured by Fadal for the VMC45, it never realized full production after production the VMC45 was stopped.


Troyke Mfg. Co. - Afterwards, with the introduction of the VMC40 in 1984, we began offering the TROYKE rotary products as a 4th axis option. The table had an interesting full contact bearing surface using Turcite between the faceplate and the casting with radial bearings support for the faceplate spindle. Few of theses units still remain in the field today. If needed, we can provide complete service for these units.


Soon after 1987, we started adapting many of the popular Japanese rotary tables. Some customers would send us their tables and we adapt our motors and 4th axis interface to them. Eventually we started adding the Tsudakoma, Tecnara and Nikken rotary tables as a direct option to all machines

Fadal Rotary Parts TR65 - The TR65 (Tilt/Rotate, 6.5" dia. faceplate) had a unique clutch system build into the trunion for the B-axis.  One of the biggest problems with 5-axis programming was that is was easier to crash than to program.  And a B-axis crash usually resulted in the customer having to return the unit for repair.  With this unique design, if the Z-axis crashed into the part, instead of damaging the gears it would simply slip the trunion clutch.  The CNC  knows the exact position of the B-axis because of the rotary scale feedback that is directly attached to the trunion and not the motor.  The addition of the trunion clutch was so important because it virtually eliminated the disruption of operation for a service call.

As can you see, its our knowledge and experience that best qualifies us to sell Rotary Tables.

1 Year Warranty
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