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Snubber, AC Inhibit, AMP Chassis

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Fadal Snubber, AC Inhibit, AMP Chassis

The Snubber AC Inhibit (ELE-0075) serves as an essential Genuine Fadal OEM electronic replacement part. Specifically, it is an Electrocube snubber designed to inhibit AC current in the AMP Chassis of your Fadal CNC Machine. This replacement part adheres to the high standards set by Fadal, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance within the CNC system.


Snubbers play a critical role in CNC Machines by suppressing voltage spikes or transients that can occur during switching operations. In the context of the AMP Chassis, the ELE-0075, works to control and limit the AC current, preventing unwanted electrical noise and disturbances. This functionality is vital for maintaining the integrity of your CNC operations.

AC Inhibit

The term "AC Inhibit" refers to the capability of the snubber to control or limit the AC current. In CNC Machines, this function is essential for preventing electrical noise, ensuring stable operation, and protecting sensitive electronic components from potential damage caused by voltage spikes.

Genuine Fadal OEM Replacement

As a Genuine Fadal OEM replacement part, the ELE-0075, is crafted to seamlessly integrate into Fadal CNC Systems. This ensures that the replacement process is straightforward, and the snubber functions in accordance with the machine's original specifications.

Application in CNC Machines

In your Fadal CNC Machines, the Snubber, AC Inhibit, AMP Chassis, plays a pivotal role in maintaining electrical stability. By inhibiting AC current and suppressing voltage spikes, it contributes to the overall efficiency and longevity of the AMP Chassis, enhancing the reliability of your Fadal CNC Machine.


When you acquire the Electrocube Snubber AC Inhibitor from ITSCNC, it comes backed by a 90-day warranty. This warranty coverage reflects our commitment to providing quality replacement parts, ensuring that your investment is protected and supported.

Support for Snubbers and Electrical Parts

ITSCNC offers comprehensive support for snubbers and other Fadal Electrical Parts. Our team of experts is readily available to assist you with any inquiries, provide installation guidance, and offer troubleshooting support related to Fadal electrical components. We strive to enhance your CNC experience by delivering reliable and responsive support.

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90 Day Warranty

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