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Regen Resistor, 13 Ohm, 1100 Watt

Part number: ELE-0149
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Fadal Re-gen Resistor 13 Ohm, 1100 Watt

The Fadal Re-Gen Resistor with 13 Ohm resistance is a vital part that needs to be working properly in your Fadal CNC Machine. It helps manage energy during braking, ensuring your machine runs efficiently. Think of it as a traffic controller, preventing energy traffic jams and keeping your CNC operations smooth. The "13 Ohm" in this product signifies its electrical resistance, controlling the flow of current for optimal performance. Usually 2 are used in parrallel producing 6.5 Ohms.


The Re-Gen Resistor with 13 Ohm (ELE-0149) serves a critical function in the electrical system of your Fadal CNC machine. Primarily, it manages and controls the flow of electrical current, preventing excessive power from reaching sensitive components. It is specifically designed for the regenerative braking system, which means that this resistor absorbs excess energy generated during spindle deceleration. By regulating the electrical current, it ensures smooth and controlled operations, contributing to the overall efficiency and longevity of your CNC machine.


In Fadal CNC machines, the Re-Gen Resistor with 13 Ohm plays a vital role in the regenerative braking system. When the machine's spindle decelerates, kinetic energy is transformed into electrical energy. This resistor absorbs the excess energy, preventing voltage spikes and potential damage to the machine. Its usage is extremely necessary in maintaining stable performance, contributing to the reliability and precision of your machining processes.

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With ITSCNC, you get a reliable product with a 90-day warranty, backed by expert support. Trust us for quality parts that keep your Fadal CNC machine running at its best.


Choosing ITSCNC for your replacement Fadal Electrical Parts ensures access to high-quality components like the Re-Gen Resistor. Our commitment to providing genuine Fadal OEM electronic parts guarantees reliability and compatibility. With years of experience, we understand the intricacies of CNC machines, offering expertise that extends beyond product sales.

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At ITSCNC, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you throughout your purchase and beyond. Whether you have questions about installation or encounter issues post-purchase, our experts are available to provide guidance. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to comprehensive support, ensuring your CNC machine operates at its best.

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90 Day Warranty
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