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Fuse, 30A, AC AMP Chassis

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Fuse, 30A, AC AMP Chassis

A crucial component in electrical systems, the Fuse, 30A, AC AMP Chassis serves as a protective device against overcurrent. Specifically designed for AC AMP Chassis, the ELE-0837 Fuse, with a 30A rating, is a Genuine Fadal OEM electronic replacement part.

This essential component ensures the safety and functionality of Fadal CNC Machines by preventing damage caused by excessive current flow.


The primary function of the ELE-0837 Fuse is to safeguard the AC AMP Chassis from overcurrent situations. When the current surpasses the designated 30A threshold, the fuse promptly interrupts the circuit, preventing potential damage to sensitive components within the AC Drive Chassis. This interruption acts as a protective measure, preserving the integrity of the electrical system.


Tailored for AC AMP Chassis, this fuse is rated at 30A, offering optimal protection against excessive current flow. And as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part, the ELE-0837 Fuse ensures compatibility and adherence to Fadal's stringent quality standards.

Also, the fuse's design guarantees reliable and swift interruption of the circuit in the presence of overcurrent, preventing potential damage to connected components.

Usage of Fadal VMC Fuse 30A For AC AMP Chassis

Specifically designated for AC AMP Chassis, the ELE-0837 Fuse finds application in Fadal CNC Machines. Its usage is vital for maintaining the operational integrity of the AC Drive Chassis by preventing potential harm caused by overcurrent scenarios.

Warranty Information

When purchased from ITSCNC, the Fadal VMC Fuse 30A For AC AMP Chassis comes with a 90-day warranty. This warranty period reflects our commitment to delivering reliable and high-quality replacement parts for Fadal CNC Machines.

Support for Fadal Electrical Parts

At ITSCNC, we provide comprehensive support for all Fadal Electrical Parts, including the ELE-0837. Our experienced team is readily available to assist with inquiries, offer installation guidance, and provide troubleshooting support for Fadal electrical components.

Why Choose Us for Fadal Electrical Parts

Choosing ITSCNC for your Fadal electrical parts ensures access to genuine OEM replacements and a commitment to quality. Our extensive inventory, coupled with knowledgeable support, empowers users to uphold the performance and safety of their Fadal CNC Machines.

We prioritize reliability, affordability, and customer satisfaction, making us the trusted partner for Fadal CNC solutions.

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Warranty90 Day Warranty
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90 Day Warranty
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