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Battery, 3.6V, Fadal CPU Bd.

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Battery, 3.6V, Fadal 1400 CPU Board

Our replacement 3.6V battery ELE-0082 is designed for Fadal CNC CPU boards. It is the Tadiran Tl 2100 Fadal CPU Battery 3.6V, a reliable and essential component for maintaining the functionality of your Fadal CNC machine.

What It Does

The 3.6V battery is a vital power source for Fadal CPU boards, ensuring uninterrupted operation and data retention. It's a key element in keeping your CNC machine running smoothly and reliably. When your Fadal CPU Board is powered down it holds power on the memory to store your parameters and programs.

Additional Specifications

For detailed specifications about our Tadiran TL2100 Battery, please contact us at the Order Desk 1-800-342-3475. Someone from our team will provide you with the information you need to ensure it's the right fit for your Fadal CNC system.

90-Day Warranty

To guarantee the quality and performance of our product, the Tadiran TL2100 Battery that we sell on our platform comes with a 90-Day Warranty. This warranty covers any potential defects and ensures the battery's reliable performance during this period.

Why Choose ITSCNC

When you choose ITSCNC for the 3.6V Fadal CPU Battery, you are investing in a vital component to keep your CNC machine running efficiently. We provide detailed specifications regarding the required Fadal Electrical Parts upon your request. On top of that, most of our products come with warranty, offering peace of mind in your purchase.

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Warranty90 Day Warranty
Repair PriceNo
90 Day Warranty
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