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Contactor Kit, AC AMP Chassis, with Snubber & E-Stop Wires

Part number: ELE-1633
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Fadal AC AMP Chassis Contactor Kit, ELE-1633

The Contactor Kit, AC AMP Chassis, with Snubber & E-Stop Wires, also known as Part Number: ELE-1633, is a crucial component for Fadal CNC owners, particularly when upgrading from an older AMP-0060 to a new AMP-0060. This Genuine Fadal OEM electronic replacement part plays a pivotal role in powering on the AC Servo Amplifier Chassis.


The primary function of the Contactor Kit is to facilitate the power-on process for the AC Servo Amplifier Chassis. Specifically designed for use with ITS or Glentek AC Amplifier Chassis, this kit ensures a seamless transition, particularly when upgrading from older-style amplifier chassis lacking a contactor.

Installation Instructions

Included in the kit are comprehensive installation instructions, providing users with clear guidance on how to effectively install and integrate the Contactor Kit into their Fadal CNC systems. This user-friendly feature ensures a smooth installation process, even for those less familiar with the intricacies of CNC machinery.

Compatibility and Upgrade

The Contactor Kit serves as a critical component when upgrading from the old-style AMP-0060 to the new AMP-0060. Its compatibility with both ITS and Glentek AC Amplifier Chassis makes it a versatile solution for Fadal CNC owners seeking to modernize and enhance the performance of their machinery.

Significance in Powering On

As an essential element in the power-on sequence, the Contactor Kit provides the necessary functions to initiate and sustain the power supply to the AC Servo Amplifier Chassis. This ensures a reliable and efficient operation of the CNC machine.


When purchasing the Contactor Kit from ITSCNC, customers benefit from a 90-Day Warranty. This warranty period offers peace of mind, reflecting the confidence in the product's quality and performance.

Why Choose ITSCNC

ITSCNC stands out as a reliable source for Genuine Fadal OEM electronic replacement parts, ensuring authenticity and quality. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, ITSCNC provides not only premium products but also expert guidance and support for CNC machine upgrades and maintenance.

Choose ITSCNC for genuine parts, expertise, and dedicated customer support in your CNC machine journey. For more information about Fadal Amp Chassis Contactor Kit or anything related to this product such as Fadal Electrical Parts, feel free to give us a call!

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90 Day Warranty
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