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CPU Board, 1400-4

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Fadal PCB-1400-4R CPU Board

CPU Boards in Fadal CNC Machines, like the PCB-1400-4R, act as the "brains" of the machine. These boards are responsible for processing instructions, managing data for accurate machining, controlling the machine's movements, and interacting with the operator. In easier words, they make sure everything works smoothly for precise and efficient machining.

Key Features of PCB-1400-4R

Advanced Circuitry: The 1400-4 Fadal CPU Board boasts advanced circuitry, enhancing signal processing and ensuring precise execution of CNC instructions for accurate machining.

Integrated Diagnostics: Featuring built-in diagnostics, this board facilitates quick identification of potential issues, streamlining troubleshooting and minimizing downtime.

Durable Components: Made with durable materials, the PCB-1400-4R withstands the rigors of CNC machining, contributing to a longer operational life and reduced maintenance needs.

Optimized Performance: Designed to optimize overall CNC system performance, this board ensures smooth and reliable operation, essential for achieving high-quality machining results.

Compatibility Assurance: The PCB-1400-4R is engineered for seamless compatibility with Fadal CNC machines, guaranteeing a hassle-free integration process and optimal performance.


Choose ITSCNC for PCB-1400-4R, certified by I-T-S, the trusted Circuit Board Test and Repair Supplier for Fadal since 1992. Benefit from our expertise, ensuring reliable and efficient performance in your CNC system.

Warranty Information

Experience peace of mind with our CPU Board, 1400-4, which comes with two types of warranty. If you opt for the New Board, it will come with a solid One-Year Warranty or the Remanufactured option with a generous 6-Month Warranty. Our commitment to quality guarantees your investment is protected.

The Support We Offer For This Product

At ITSCNC, our support goes beyond just providing boards. Count on us for comprehensive assistance with the PCB-1400-4R. From installation guidance to troubleshooting, our dedicated support ensures your CNC system operates seamlessly.

For more information on Fadal PCBA's and Circuit Board Repair, give us a call

For in-depth insights into Fadal PCBA's and Fadal Circuit Boards Repair, reach out to us at ITSCNC. Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer your questions and provide the information you need for optimal CNC performance.

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WarrantyNew One Year Warranty
Reman 6 Month Warranty
Repair PriceYes

Certified by I-T-S the Original Circuit Board Test and Repair Supplier for Fadal Engineerring since 1992.

For more information on Fadal PCBA's and Circuit Board Repair Click Here

New One Year Warranty
Reman 6 Month Warranty
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