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Fadal Control, Upgrade Kit, 1400-4

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Fadal Control, Upgrade Kit, 1400-4

The FADAL 1400-4 Upgrade Kit (PCB-0280B) was a gateway to a new era of CNC machining at the time it came out. This comprehensive kit, tailored for Fadal controls, is a compilation of essential PCB boards designed to upgrade your machine's capabilities. It serves as the bridge for those looking to transition from 1400-1 OR -2 to the more advanced 1400-4 control system.

Key Components

Here’s a list of the key components that come with the FADAL 1400-4 Upgrade Kit: 

PCB-1400-4R - CPU CARD: The brain of the operation, orchestrating the CNC machine's functions with efficiency.

PCB-1030-1B - COMMUNICATION CARD: Facilitating seamless communication between components for synchronized operation.

PCB-0159R - SOFTWARE MODULE: The heart of innovation, upgrading your machine with the latest software enhancements.

PCB-0189 - JUMPER CARD: Ensuring smooth connections and transitions within the upgraded control system.

PCB-0343R - KEYBOARD INTERFACE: Enhancing user interaction for intuitive and responsive control.

PCB-0005R - MILL CARD: Optimizing milling operations with precision and reliability.

PCB-0032R - VIDEO CARD: Providing clear visuals for monitoring and control.

PCB-0036R - SPINDLE CARD: Elevating spindle performance for enhanced machining capabilities.

ELE-0027 - SPINDLE EPROMS: The essential memory for storing and retrieving spindle-related data.

WIR-0615 - RS232 INTERNAL HARNESS: Streamlining internal connections, ensuring a cohesive control system.

Upgrading to 1400-4

This kit is not just a collection of components, it's a pathway to make your Fadal CNC Machine operate better and more efficiently. Seamlessly transition your Fadal control system to the advanced features of the 1400-4, unlocking new possibilities and ensuring compatibility with evolving machining needs.

Remanufactured Reliability

When you purchase the Fadal Legacy Control Upgrade Kit 1400-4, you are also getting a robust six-month warranty. Quality and durability are at the core of this upgrade, providing assurance for sustained performance.

Why Choose the Fadal 1400-4 Upgrade Kit from ITSCNC

Choose the Fadal 1400-4 Upgrade Kit from ITSCNC for a superior CNC experience. Experience Precision Integration, where each component is meticulously crafted for seamless incorporation into your Fadal CNC machine.

We also help you stay ahead in CNC technology with cutting-edge Software Advancements. Benefit from Expert-Backed Support, ensuring not just a smooth installation but ongoing assistance. Prepare for the future with Future-Ready Machining, guaranteeing your CNC machine is equipped to meet evolving demands. 

Trust ITSCNC for a comprehensive solution that combines precision, expertise, and readiness for the future of machining.

Fadal Expertise At ITSCNC

ITSCNC boasts a deep understanding of Fadal CNC machines. Our expertise ensures that you receive not just a kit but a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with the intricacies of Fadal controls.

Quality Remanufacturing

Opting for the FADAL 1400-4 Upgrade Kit from ITSCNC means choosing remanufactured excellence. Every component in the kit undergoes meticulous remanufacturing processes, ensuring durability and reliability.

Future-Ready Solutions

CNC technology evolves, and so do we. The FADAL 1400-4 Upgrade Kit positions your CNC machine for the future, incorporating the latest software advancements and features to keep you ahead in the machining landscape.

Customer-Centric Approach

At ITSCNC, we prioritize your needs. Our customer-centric approach means that you receive not just a product but a solution crafted with your machining requirements in mind.

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Reman 6 Month Warranty

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Reman 6 Month Warranty

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