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Program Module, 1400-5, Software Version 103.5

Part number: PCB-0159
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About Fadal Program Module, PCB-0159, Software Version 103.5

The Program Module for the 1400-5, part number PCB-0159, is equipped with Software Version 103.5, and serves as a crucial component for optimal CNC system functionality. This module comes with a New One Year Warranty.

Key Features

The Fadal Program Module 1400-5 V103.5 has a newer version, which ensures compatibility and performance enhancements for your CNC operations, providing the latest advancements in software functionality.


The  Program Module PCB-0159, Version 103.5 comes with a One Year Warranty.

Certified by ITS

Certified by I-T-S, the Original Circuit Board Test and Repair Supplier for Fadal Engineering since 1992. This certification on our Fadal Software Version 103.5 Program Module emphasizes our commitment to quality assurance, reliability, and compatibility.


Our documentation provides clear and concise information on the installation process, ensuring a smooth integration of the Program Module into your CNC system. Additionally, we offer preventative maintenance tips to enhance the longevity of your equipment.


Trust in our extensive support system. With decades of expertise and ITS certification, we ensure reliable assistance during installation and beyond. Benefit from direct interaction with our team and ITS engineers, providing unparalleled support for your CNC system. Choose the Program Module, PCB-0159, for its advanced features, ITS certification, and comprehensive support.

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Shipping Time4pm PST
WarrantyNew One Year Warranty
Reman 6 Month Warranty
Repair PriceNo

Certified by I-T-S the Original Circuit Board Test and Repair Supplier for Fadal Engineerring since 1992.

For more information on Fadal PCBA's and Circuit Board  Repair Click Here

New One Year Warranty
Reman 6 Month Warranty
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