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Axis Control, 1010-4, Reman

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About Axis Control, 1010-4, Reman

The Axis Control 1010-4, PCB-0035R Remanufactured, is a crucial replacement part for your Fadal CNC systems. This PCB is made to ensure precise control for seamless operations. As a remanufactured unit, it undergoes a meticulous test and repair process to restore functionality, contributing to the efficiency of your CNC system.

Key Features

Designed for precision control, the 1010-4 Axis Control, Reman, plays a vital role in maintaining the accuracy and reliability of Fadal CNC systems. Our Fadal Circuit Boards have some important purposes, to facilitate smooth and efficient operations, crucial for various machining tasks.

Warranty Options

The warranty coverage that we offer on our Fadal Axis Control 1010-4 Circuit Board has two options: a New One Year Warranty or a Remanufactured 6 Month Warranty. This flexibility allows you to choose the level of coverage that aligns with your requirements.

Certified by ITSCNC

Certified by ITSCNC, the Original Circuit Board Test and Repair Supplier for Fadal Engineering since 1992, the 1010-4 Axis Control ensures adherence to high-quality standards. This certification underscores the component's reliability and suitability for Fadal CNC systems.

Why Choose the 1010-4 Axis Control

The 1010-4 Axis Control, Reman, is crafted with precision and certified by ITSCNC, reflecting decades of expertise in circuit board testing and repair. This means you do not have to worry when choosing this replacement part for its dependable performance in Fadal CNC systems.


Count on our dedicated support at ITSCNC when it comes to Fadal Circuit Board Repair. Our team, familiar with the intricacies of Fadal CNC systems and the 1010-4 Axis Control, is ready to assist with inquiries, technical support, or guidance. We're committed to ensuring a smooth experience from installation onwards.

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Shipping Time4pm PST
WarrantyNew One Year Warranty
Reman 6 Month Warranty
Repair PriceNo

Certified by I-T-S the Original Circuit Board Test and Repair Supplier for Fadal Engineerring since 1992.

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New One Year Warranty
Reman 6 Month Warranty
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